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Gay Marriage:idea: We are currently debating Gay Marriage, LGBT rights, and DOMA in our largest court. The most prevalent argument against Gay Marriage and in support of DOMA is that marriage is something ordained by God. First of all I would ask, which god, whose god?

But beyond that, marriage is a contract between the state and the individuals being married. In every state in this union a couple can be married by a Justice of the Peace or even a Notary Public with no mention of a god at all. Moreover, those same couples, were they to enter a church, would have their marriages recognized as binding. In short, the church and those who hold gods so dear recognize civil marriages that are devoid of a god.

What are they recognizing and honoring? They are giving unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. They are recognizing the state’s ability to declare a marriage. As such, it becomes clear that marriage is not the sole resource for procreation and it becomes clear that marriage is not the sole heir of religion. Marriage is an arrangement, for legal purposes, between two people and the state.

Given this basic understanding, we should then recognize that we can arrange the contract in any way we may choose. Some may choose to restrict it to opposite sex couples, and what a sad group that must be, that they would deny the pursuit of happiness of others when it would have absolutely no effect on those creating the restriction. It seems to me like a bunch of kids shouting, “Tick-tock, the game is locked and nobody else can play,” followed by a healthy dose of, “Neener neener.”

For those who fear the slippery slope, I again point out that we can orchestrate the contract in any way we choose. We can say two, and only two people, and only people. All other way out concerns are hence answered.

It is time to realize that all protestations about god and marriage or procreation and marriage have nothing to do with a contract between the state and two loving people.

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