A Bill:mad: It looks like we are going to get a vote on gun safety measures in the Senate. That is a good thing. At least they have put away the filibustering sidestep.

A vote in the Senate isn’t a law. A vote in the Senate means a bill that gets moved over to the Congress, a Congress that is full of wing-nuts. I am happy to see some progress, but I am also cautious. Will Boehner forego the Haster Rule and allow a bill to be passed even if it is not agreed to by a majority of the majority, and is only agreed to by a majority of the overall Congress? Who knows but Boehner.

Will Congress add a host of amendments that basically neuter the bill, creating something that says they agree with gun safety, but they do not want any laws or measures to actually create it? Or worse, will they send it to committee and sneak in secret, anonymous amendments that actually reverse the various provisions of the bill?

I’m tired of politicians that looking out for their own interests. There was a time when being a servant of the people meant that you serve, instead of seeking the greatest campaign contributions. Maybe, just maybe, this time they will get around to serving.

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