For Jonathan . . .

Jonathan Winters:lol: :sad: A very ill patient lies on his hospital bed with an oxygen mask on.

A young nurse comes in to check up on him.

The patient says, “Durse, are by testicles black?”

The young nurse is a bit embarrassed and says, “I’m just here to check up on you. How are we doing today?”

The patient replies, “I’b fine, but are by testicles black?”

The nurse, now feeling rather uneasy, replies, “I’ll check.” She pulls down the patient’s sheets, lifts up his gown and gently cups his genitals to examine them, and says, “No, they look fine to me.”

The patient slowly sits up and pulls the oxygen mask aside and says, “Thank you, but listen carefully. Are my test results back?”

That was for Mr. Winters, not from him.
Jonathan Winters was an amazing, comedic free spirit. I saw some interview years ago where Robin Williams cited Mr. Winters as the man who taught Robin how to cut loose and get in touch with his zany side. In that same interview / documentary it was mentioned that Mr. Winters had some difficult mental issues at times in his life, but it was out of those torments his comedy grew.

He made me laugh more times than I can count. He will be missed.
The word is given. R.I.P. Mr. Winters.

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