JobScam 2

JobScam 2:idea: As I look for alternate work, I continue to see interesting approaches to job scams. I talked about this a bit on the post, “JobScam.”

Where do people look for a job in these modern times? The primary resource is the internet. Many employers use various head-hunter agencies to filter applicants through an internet oriented process. Want ads are more prolific on the internet than in the local newspaper. In fact, there are entire internet-based industries that exist specifically to help employers find employees and vice versa.

I have been using several internet-based resources. One of these is CraigsList. I cannot call CraigsList shady, but I can say that it allows for shady advertising. It is free speech in its highest form. I do not hold CraigsList responsible. I applaud them. It is really up to the user to figure out what is legit and what is sh!+.

One interesting approach that I see on the List goes as follows: An employer advertises a job. The user emails the employer, and receives a reply email that tells them to resend their resume’ to another email address. I bit at the first few of these, thinking it was a legitimate approach. I now realize that it is really a hunter’s blind. It is simply a way of disguising the intended employer in the initial ad. It became really clear to me when I began to receive reply emails from folk like “sdfdsf fdsfdsf.” That is an actual email reply name. Clearly that person not only wants to hide their identity, they did not even want to take the time to fake an identity.

If you are job hunting, be careful out there. There are businesses interested in selling more education than finding people a job. There are businesses interested in getting even just a few hours of work out of someone before it becomes apparent the job is bogus. It seems to be the natural order. Job hunters are the weak prey in the herd. The lions are prowling.

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