You Need Pie

You Need Pie:lol: I recently got into a discussion with a student about pie. I am not talking about the mathematical symbol for an irrational number defining the ratio of a circle to its radius, but good old fashion pie. Besides, math pi is spelled without the E.

In these modern times with an unlimited number of diets and health fads, pie is on a lot of don’t do lists. I do not criticize a person for holding to their desired health regimen. That said, I do hold strongly to the old Greek saying, “Moderation in all things.” That idea is often attributed to Aristotle from his Doctrine of the Mean. This was his idea of finding the middle ground between excess and deficiency. It is often interpreted to mean a smattering of good along with a smattering of bad. That is not the intent. But pie isn’t really bad.

When I suggested to the student that they needed some pie, I was borrowing from the movie franchise, “Men in Black” and incorporating the phrase into my own philosophy. The student countered with it being contrary to their current diet plan, and that is fine and dandy. The point isn’t the pie itself. It isn’t my philosophy that pie is a cure. My philosophy is that you should always have dessert, even if you don’t have a meal.

Okay, the diet gurus and hard liners are starting to boil up right now. Set yourselves to simmer for a moment. It is my philosophy, and its meaning is to always look for the good things, always having dessert. Perhaps you took a class but there wasn’t much in it, but did you have fun? You went on a trip that wasn’t your cup of tea, but was there something about it you enjoyed? Try to find some good in all things, and more importantly some enjoyment. If not, it is only caster oil. As Mary Poppins told us, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Always have dessert. You need pie.

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