Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Movie Review)

Captain America Winter SoldierYou cannot separate risk from freedom. Freedom and security are an illusion. It is fact. Accept it.

He is a symbol of America, a symbol of Americana. He is also a symbol of a bygone America. His truths still ring, but his world is not the world he finds himself in.

This Marvel production is its pinnacle to-date. Beyond action, there is a serious contemporary plot. I will not divulge it any more than the hints I have already given.

The actors do excellent jobs. Robert Redford is as skilled as ever. Samuel L. Jackson is at the top of his game. Everyone else lives their rolls.

The direction is well crafted, as is the cinematography, though I would like to see a little more use of a good, old fashion tripod from time to time. I like a live camera, but there can be too much of a good thing. The 3D and its use are state of the art. The score fits the overall work, and while it does not standout, it does not distract or drag.

movie ticket and glassesThis is very much worth the ticket and the glasses.

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