The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Movie Review)

The Amazing Spiderman 2I like action movies. I like superhero movies. My belief can be suspended for the purposes of entertainment.

Swinging right to the chase, this Spidey doesn’t do it for me. It isn’t that I do not like the Spiderman concept. I enjoyed the Toby Maguire incarnation, at least in the first two movies. I recognize that there is a stylistic difference between Spiderman and The Amazing Spiderman which grows out of differences in the comic books. All preferences are personal. Everyone has their favorite flavor. The Amazing Spidey doesn’t do it for me.

He is too comfortable in his uniqueness. He is too quick with a quip, as if he spends all day preparing them. The villains are too over the top. In this case the movie itself is a bit over the top. All the pieces fall in place with little or no explanation of where the pieces came from.

All that said, it is very well produced. The actors do great jobs. I particularly enjoyed Jamie Foxx. I have some sticky points with the direction, but that may be partly due to my dislike for this flavor of action hero. The cinematography and effects are very well done. I did enjoy the open and expansive cityscape scenes. The score is quite compelling.

The plot, well, it is a superhero plot and not necessarily a Spiderman plot in that is deals with the endless concern of the safety for the people involved with the superhero. I won’t say that it is a tired point, but it does seem endless and this movie resolves it only to open it back up again all within the same movie.

Likewise, the villains seem almost endless. As soon as one is put down, another pops up. But that is The Amazing Spiderman way.

I think most movies are worth a visit to the theater. What else are you going to do during your free time anyway? That said, other than the quality of the effects and the 3D, there is little reason this couldn’t be enjoyed on NetFlix or RedBox.

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