X-Men: Days of Future Past (Movie Review)

X-Men Days of Future PastPhysics tells us that time is not immutable, but it is also not breakable.

Professor Michio Kaku suggests that the quality that makes us more than chimps is our ability to mentally manipulate time; to see the past and deconstruct it, and to see the future and pre-construct it. Playing with time can be a messy business.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is a quintessential X-Men movie. Wolverine is sent back in time, more or less, to right a wrong that would, if left unchanged, lead to the destruction of all mutants, and all humanity as well. In this task, enemies of the enemy must become friends – or frienemies at least.

Of course, there is lots of action. It is, after all, a Marvel / X-Men movie. The plot is a bit of a showcase for the action, but not distractingly so. There are enough twists and turns, and some moments of insight, that have a breath of life of their own.

There is not much I can say about the actors. Most of them have been at these rolls for some time. The new comers do wonderful work. No one misses a beat.

The direction, editing, cinematography and effects are all very good. The actions starts, and it does not stop or falter. The score is well done. I was taken back in that, during the previews they used “Kashmir” by Led Zepplin, though that did not appear in the movie at all. However, there is a sequence that uses Jim Croce’s, “Time in a Bottle” that is absolutely wonderful, both for the scene and the score.

The 3D is not the jaw-dropping, rockets over your head type of 3D (if that is what you crave). That said, the 3D work is well done. (If you want my take on what 3D is or isn’t – read my post, “3D Me”.)movie ticket and glasses

Well worth the ticket and the glasses.

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