What’s in a Tag Line?

New Cover BlankThe audio book is proceeding well. Approximately nine hours of audio narrative, along with some sound effects and some musical backgrounds, is quite a task. Regardless, the release date, sometime in mid-July, is on track.

Along with the audio book will be an updated release of the book itself, along with some corrections and minor tweaks, and a new cover.

In working on these things, I have been considering the cover’s tag line. It has been, “Addictive Myth, Legend, Tool”, all of which refer to the Sphere referenced in the title. However, a story isn’t just about its title. There are human connections to be told.

On a Sphere’s Edge is a science fiction story, no doubt. But it does have a bit of a love story in it as well, along with a mystery to be solved. As such, it could be lumped into a variety of genres; Sci-Fi, Mystery, as well as Love Story / Romance.

Admittedly the love story part is not the focal point, but it is an important plot element. It isn’t hot and heavy – I was not writing erotica or anything like that – nor is it complete. It is a budding relationship that is not fully realized, intentionally. I envisioned a possible series; sequels during which the relationship would grow. Nonetheless, the story could not be told without it, and it would definitely lack the human interest points that it does have.

All of this makes me think that the tag line needs to speak to a broader audience, emphasizing these smaller aspects of the larger story.

I am considering replacing, “Addictive Myth, Legend, Tool” with something like;
“Addictive Myth, Trust, and Mystery”, or
“Addictive Legend, Mystery, and Love”, or
“Addictive Legend, Mystery, and Attraction”
“Addiction, Myth, Trust, and Mystery”, or some variation thereof. The Sci-Fi aspect is so evident by the cover’s appearance, and in the (hopefully) future print version the prologue will be on the back cover, which will make the futurist / sci-fi quality blatantly apparent, I don’t think I need to allude to it in the tag line.

What do you think about, “Addictive Myth, Trust, and Mystery” or any of the other variations listed above as a new tag line?

Is the word “Love” to mushy or over the top? Would some related words like Trust, Attraction, Devotion, or Friendship be a better choice?

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My new book, "Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me" is available now, as is my Sci-Fi joy ride, "On a Sphere's Edge". I have a Bachelor of Media Arts degree from USC. I have been an Audio Producer / Engineer, a Law Office Manager, and I am currently an Author and a Martial Arts Instructor.
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