Jupiter Ascending (Movie Review)

Jupiter AscendingUsually I start my reviews with some relevant observation or correlation based on one of the movie’s motivating statements. Some movies do not make statements. There is nothing wrong with a B or C grade message-less movie. I can say that, as I have written a B or C grade sci-fi novel. Knowingly, I am the pot calling the kettle black. Then, without midland entertainment what would you do on a boring winter Sunday afternoon?

There is not much need to delve into the plot of Jupiter Ascending. Suffice to say it is a space opera, with enough daring do, last minute saves, and story specific argot to tell a tale with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Doesn’t sound like much, I know. But it isn’t brain surgery, it’s entertainment.

Special effects generation has advanced to the point that it is pointless to discuss the quality, either of computer graphics, how it mixes with live-motion, or 3D. It is almost impossible for them to fail with the current level of technology. What matters are the vision and execution; the design and direction. I cannot give Jupiter Ascending bad marks here. Without the special effects, there isn’t anything left.

The actors do their jobs. No one gives their best performance; neither do they give their worst. They are working for a living. The same can be said for the director, the sound crew, and score.

What Jupiter Ascending lacks is plot. There is enough there to keep you watching. At any moment, some great twist could have turned it all around. Instead, it is all rather predictable, tried and true space action-drama. We know the hero from the get-go, and can predict that she will do the right thing, and that her true love will swoop in at the right moments to save the day once more.

Wait to rent it, or maybe even for it to come to TV. There is nothing that needs to be edited out, so you won’t miss a thing.

Not worth the ticket.
As always, my tag of the worthiness of a movie is based on my personal critique of the overall quality. It is not to suggest that you avoid seeing it if you have a mind to. There is value in the experience, even if it is only that of an afternoon out with friends.

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