Kingsman: The Secret Service (Movie Review)

Kingsman: The Secret ServiceTake James Bond and give him a Marvel Universe style villain, shake, do not stir, add a pinch of Get Smart with a garnish of Monty Python, and you have Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Loosely based on an Icon comic book, it is the story of a super-secret service, hidden among us, protecting us. At times, they need to replenish their ranks. With shades of MIB, an agent of The Kingsman Roundtable tags a capable but errant youth to become one of these protector knights. Like Professor Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, the elder spy must round the rough edges from his cultureless pupil. As often happens in these types of stories, the sage guide is – well – you should go see the movie.

I could pick at a few moments during the very beginning. However, five ten minutes in, once they have fully unfurled their flag, those little moments fade away. You begin to recognize the intentional tongue-in-cheek beside the straightforward.

The casting is superb. Everyone does a marvelous job. I am a little uncomfortable with either Samuel L. Jackson’s or the Director’s (Matthew Vaughn) choice to have Mr. Jackson use a lisp for Valentine, the bad guy that is out to fix climate control by killing a majority of the world’s population. Being a bit cartoonish, the character does need something that makes him a little over the top while still being realistic. A speech impediment is certainly an option. Was this the best option? I’ll leave that to you to decide for yourself. Despite my feelings about it, it did not distract or detract from the overall experience.

The cinematography, editing, and effects were well done. The fight scenes are particularly exciting and fun. The score, a wonderful mixture of new and old, adds to the experience.
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R rated – so don’t take the kiddies.

Overall, a very fun movie that is well worth the ticket.

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