Captain America: Civil War (Movie Review)

Captain America - Civil WarAbsolute power not only corrupts – it exists and thrives on no accountability.

There is not a lot to say about the plot to this movie. There is a rift between the members of the Avengers. Friends become rivals and enemies, each with good intentions. Thin plots are common in super-hero action movies. It really is all about the stunts. However, I do enjoy having something thick to mull over. This movie did not provide much.

With a thin plot, that leaves execution. I really cannot say much about the actors. All of them wear these roles like well-worn jeans. They fit and they know exactly how they can move in them. Certainly, anyone can have a bad day, but when most of the story is told through action scenes heavily supported with CG, it is hard to have a bad line reading.

The direction was staple, with nothing unique or out of the ordinary. The plot, not only thin, was lacking. The band of do-gooders has one disagreement, which all too quickly grows into civil war. I wanted more soul searching and failed reconciliations before everyone decides to duke it out. This single conflict to catastrophe, combined with pulling together 10 individual super-hero story-lines, made the first half of the movie feel disjointed. I cannot point to one specific, such as direction or editing or writing. The collected work went wanting.

The score was midland. Necessary snippets of theme were used, cobbled together with general orchestration. No grand swell carried me away or floated a weak image, or caused me to feel in my soul. It was a background score and little more. The visual effects were state of the art to the extent that you really cannot call them out. You cannot give them any special credit except to say there were no bad effect moments.

On a personal note – I cannot abide the idea of a non-flying being; no matter how super he or she might be, having the ability to hold down a helicopter in flight. For a brief moment, they might act as a tether between the chopper and another structure. However, when all they have is their weight and their feet standing on the ground, I cannot buy it from any save Superman and his ilk. I wish writers would just get on-board with physics.

I did not see the 3D version, so I cannot speak to the quality there. Overall, it is a very PG-13 sort of action movie. There is little to nothing to get squeamish about, or to fear might corrupt a young mind.

I have to reserve my ticket on this one. It will probably be just as good at a Super Friends party on DVD Rental day.

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