Ready Player One (Movie Review)

Ready Player OneVirtual Reality is designed. It is designed to be played, to lose and respawn, and to be won. Reality is not designed. It cannot be played, but it can be won, or lost.

It is 2045. The world is about as messed up as it is now. Virtual Reality is the means by which most jobs are done, but is also everyone’s primary escape from the doldrums and misery of everyday life. The most popular game is Oasis, where people can live out almost any fantasy. The game is the product of an eccentric programmer who left an elusive Easter egg buried within it. Whoever finds the egg wins fortunes – in real life.

“Ready Player One” is not a deep film, but it is certainly a fun movie. It is rife with nostalgic bits: MTV music cues, movie references, and original Atari console games. In fact, the references are rather distant throwbacks. It is doubtful anyone born after 1990 will get half of the references, but that will not prevent them from enjoying the ride.

Spielberg has done a good job with this movie. The direction, editing, cinematography, and effects are well done and seamless. Alan Silvestri (too many known movie scores to mention) does a good job mixing new pieces with bits and clips from the wayback machine. All the actors do a fine job, though I was not particularly taken with Ben Mendelsohn, playing the villain, Nolan Sorrento. I could not help but think they really wanted Harrison Ford or Kurtwood Smith in the role.
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While well executed across the board, it is not a soul-changer. That said – it is worth the ticket.

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