The Greater Result

The Greater Result

Like a Phoenix rising,
the result is often greater than the sum of the parts.

Blogging is individual. Podcasts are a group effort, at the very least they are announcer and guest, and from that collaborative dance often there may be some greater result.

The Greater Result Podcast #6 - AI Haters

AI Haters

Our culture, indeed the world’s culture, is ripe with Artificial Intelligence dystopian fantasies. Where do these feelings and stories come from?

Simply put, the feeling that artificial intelligence will destroy humanity rises out of our fear of change and the unknown. That fear focused on machines during the...Read More »

The Greater Result Podcast #5 - History's Synergies

The Greater Result Podcast 5

Synergy is a wonderful thing. I was feeling pretty good about my podcast scheduling. I had one in the can, and had an agreement with the next podcast guest. Unfortunately the guest and I ran into scheduling conflicts. That left me with a hole that...Read More »

The Greater Result Podcast #4 with Alex Mosher

Podcast #4 with Alex Mosher

In this podcast, I sit down with my daughter, Alex Mosher. Some of you may already be thinking, “Wait a minute. I thought you had a son.” Well, what I have is a wonderful, brave child. Alex was born male, but several years ago went...Read More »

The Greater Result Podcast #3, The Field Trip

The Field Trip

I tag along with a group of students and another instructor as we go to the Francis Fong Academy to attend a class.

Afterward, we all had lunch at a sandwich shop and sat outside and discussed our experiences.

The group was Teen and Kali instructor...Read More »

The Greater Result Podcast #2 with Dan Bernardo

Shihan Dan Bernardo

Shihan Bernardo and I sit outside and talk about stuff.

Check out the sword website and company he works with, Shintogo Swords, as well as the school that we both work with, Columbia Martial Arts and Fitness.

And check out the Read More »

Podcast 1 - Solon 'Solo' Staley

Solo Staley

I chat with cage fighter Solon “Solo” Staley after South Carolina experiences a crippling ice storm and an earthquake, and days prior to his next fight in Caged Chaos 8.

My original plan was to produce audio segments as proper...Read More »

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