The Combination Lock

Rated R – Sexual Concepts

We see this idea a lot; men are simple. In a way they are. They are really quite easy to work, mechanically. Men are pumps. Pump up and down a few times and squirt. The thing works.

Women on the other hand are indeed on the other hand. Sorry ladies but your junk is a damn combination lock. No two are the same. And worse, if you don’t moan or coo or just plain talk there is no way in hell us guys are going to know if we are hitting the tumblers just right. So if you want that thing opened you better give us some help, because lord knows your combination isn’t tattooed on your inner thigh.

Let me step back a bit. Guys let’s get one thing clear. While every woman has her own combination, we have to be aware that the first two tumblers are in her head and in her trust. You get those first two clicked into place and more than likely she’ll help you with the other thirty-odd twists and turns it takes to unlock her ecstacy.

By the same token, ladies let’s get one thing clear. While guys are easy mechanically, they are not simple. And believe it or not like you ladies no two pumps are exactly the same. Oh the mechanical use of the pump handle is pretty uniform. But getting the pump primed and ready can be vastly different from guy to guy. And interestingly enough, for most guys the first steps to getting the pump handle tight and firm are through the head and trust.

Granted some are easier and don’t need all that extra work. But those pumps tend to be low yield and dry up pretty quickly. If you want a deep well and a good firm pump handle that lasts a long while get that head thingy going and work in some trust, and you may not have to look around for another dousing rod for a long time.

Lastly, ladies be vocal and a little bit forward. If you have decided you want some guy fiddling with your combination dial help him out. Be up front and give him some clues to the first few tumblers, your head and trust. Then when he does have his hands or whatever right at the lock, shout out a few of your numbers. You’ll enjoy it more.

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