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I Miss Training

I have been involved with the martial arts for some time.

I received my brown belt in Okinawan Shorinji Ryu Kempo in 1977. While there was a hiatus for college, marriage, and the birth of my daughter, I made a return to the arts in the late 1990s.

I quickly gained rank in Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu – Bruce Lee’s art, and Wing Chun. I also have a great deal of experience FMA (Filipino Martial Arts / Kali), Muay Thai, CSW (Combat Submission Wrestling) and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

I have been teaching many of these arts and styles for well over a decade. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my teaching position at a local school was removed. With a strong desire to continue my training and teaching, I have moved on to another school, KDA Karate Academy, where I now teach Wing Chun exclusively.

This page is dedicated to the Martial Arts. It is provided here as a tool for my students and any other interested parties.

Greet who enters. Escort who leaves. Fill the void.

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Safety Tips

Four Staff - An Article on Kung Fu History

I post a great deal of stuff on Facebook for my Wing Chun students. However, not all of them use FB, so I am duplicating many posts here (and vise versa).

Below is a link to an interesting article on the origins of Chinese Martial Arts – Kung Fu, which...Read More »

Cantonese Phrase of the Day - I'm Good

Nei5 hou2 (Hello).

Yesterday we learned to say hello. Actually, we sort of asked a question, “You good?”
Today we will learn the response.

我 好 Ngo5 hou2, or “I’m good”. If you are feeling really well, you can say, “Ngo5 hou2 hou2” – “I’m very good.”

Ngo5 is a low...Read More »

Cantonese Phrase of the Day - Hello

你 好 nei hou = Hello, or literally, you good.
你 Nei – pronounced like “hey” except with an “n”, translates as “you”.
好 Hou – pronounced like “hoe”, translates as “good”.
While “hello” is not a phrase in English, in Cantonese it is a combination of words and...Read More »

The Histories of Wing Chun

The Myth

During the long ago, around the 17th and 18th centuries, the Southern Shaolin Temple in Fujian Provence housed many great martial artists. One of these was the Nun Ng Moy. She received a lot of her Kung Fu training from her father, and honed her skills...Read More »

Cramming It In

Cramming It In

In a recent podcast I lamented some difficulties with modern martial art training. (See Podcast 5 – History’s Synergies and a follow-up post, After Thoughts.) A particular concern for me is the concept...Read More »

After Thoughts

Sky Dive

No, that is not me. I am the one with the camera.

I received a comment to my previous podcast, History’s Synergies, that made the wheels in my head turn. In...Read More »

The Greater Result Podcast #2 with Dan Bernardo

Shihan Dan Bernardo

Shihan Bernardo and I sit outside and talk about stuff.

Check out the sword website and company he works with, Shintogo Swords, as well as the school that we both work with, Columbia Martial Arts and Fitness.

And check out the Read More »

A Piece of the Action


Recently I talked about building community among martial artists within a school, though the discussion veered off to a debate between sports related martial artists and science related martial artists, jocks versus a chess club. The real lead became buried. How does one develop...Read More »

I, Frankenstein (Movie Review)

I, Frankenstein

I went to see this movie having no expectations of grandeur. I am a science fiction fan, a movie fan, and a martial artist (of no particular caliber). Given all of this, it was a movie to see on a dreary, cold Saturday. For reasons that...Read More »

What They Said

What They Said

Recently a student asked a group of us what would be some good martial arts movies to watch. A whole host of them popped up. At the top of my list was “Kung Fu Hustle.”

If you have not seen it, do. Check Netflix or Hulu, or...Read More »

Keep on Chunin'

Keep On Chunin Small

Prior to Christmas I began working on the BlogYinYang Merch Shop. The idea grew out of a need to raise some extra money, as well as a means of exercising my minor artistic muscles. Very quickly the items I began to...Read More »

You Love doing What?


I recently observed a potential student to the school state, “I love fighting.” What a strange thing to say.

I do not like fighting (see The Art of Fighting Without Fighting). To me fighting is, well, fighting; hitting, biting, blows,...Read More »



Yesterday, as with most Tuesdays, there was a meeting of the instructors and other officials at the school where I teach. Part of the meeting debated the differing cliques that exist in the school.

Most martial arts schools deal with some clique groups. In straight-up Karate schools the...Read More »

What is Yin-Yang?

The Math of Yin-Yang

The Math of Yin-Yang

I chose the Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang for this blog because it is something that I have long accepted and admire for its broad applications, and yet it is so simple. Blogs are platforms for discussion, and discussion...Read More »

Dishonorable Behavior Too

Georges St. Pierre

Earlier this year I wrote about my concerns with the depiction of martial arts in modern society in a post called “Dishonorable Behavior.” Those feelings continue to grow. I am not a fan of brutality. That may sound odd coming from a...Read More »

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