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I Miss Training

I have been involved with the martial arts for some time.

I received my brown belt in Okinawan Shorinji Ryu Kempo in 1977. While there was a hiatus for college, marriage, and the birth of my daughter, I made a return to the arts in the late 1990s.

I quickly gained rank in Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu – Bruce Lee’s art, and Wing Chun. I also have a great deal of experience FMA (Filipino Martial Arts / Kali), Muay Thai, CSW (Combat Submission Wrestling) and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

I have been teaching many of these arts and styles for well over a decade. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my teaching position at a local school was removed. With a strong desire to continue my training and teaching, I have moved on to another school, KDA Karate Academy, where I now teach Wing Chun exclusively.

This page is dedicated to the Martial Arts. It is provided here as a tool for my students and any other interested parties.

Greet who enters. Escort who leaves. Fill the void.

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Safety Tips

Beast Mode. Really?

Beast Mode

As I look around for information on martial arts, I often see discussion or outright drum beating about becoming super healthy, super strong warring machines, in short, the beast mode mentality. I have an issue with this.

Weight lifting and hardcore exercise has its value. For some,...Read More »

My Style Is . . .

Yin Yang

When talking about martial arts, one of the most common questions is, “What’s your style?” It is the closing line in “The Grandmaster,” a recent movie about Ip Man who is considered the modern Grandmaster of Wing Chun.

Style is an interesting issue. We all fixate on...Read More »

The Grandmaster (Review)

The Grandmaster

“The Grandmaster” is about the modern Wing Chun Kung Fu legend, Ip Man. Ip Man was Bruce Lee’s only formal instructor, with an interesting back story in his own right.

I am going to do my best keeping this to a movie review, though I will say the movie...Read More »

History's Mysteries


I recently read an *article stating that the currently accepted history of Wing Chun is false. That the history as we know it is entirely concocted from a line of previous fantasies. Upon reading this very compelling and researched article, my first human response was to...Read More »

Double Entendre

Just Like a Woman

On FB I have been involved with several discussions about the martial art of Wing Chun.

Wing Chun was developed by a Shaolin Nun, Ng Mui, a little over four-hundred years ago.

We all have those moments when something springs forth from our lips and we do not realize the gravity...Read More »


David Bowie, Ip Man, Bruce Lee

I was thinking about David Bowie’s 1990’s hit, “Changes.” I was also thinking about discussions I have read on social networks about Wing Chun, as well as discussions about Si-Fu Francis Fong. Si-Fu Mills is always saying, “He is always changing things.” It is true. ...Read More »

Dishonorable Behavior

MMA Brutality

I have been growing increasingly uncomfortable with the overall expression of martial arts in contemporary society.

When I was young and first got into martial arts, the martial artist was seen as some sort of super hero. They tended to be meek and mild individuals, with high...Read More »

I Am What I Am


Humans are generally social creatures, but I am a human that is uncomfortable around people. I am a Martial Arts instructor that dislikes fighting and violence. I enjoy playing music, which is a wonderful form of communication, yet I cannot perform in front of others.

Like most...Read More »

Turn, Turn, Turn


The school where I teach martial arts is not a bad place. At times I grumble. Every job has its j.o.b. parts that we grumble about. But I do have a good job that I generally enjoy doing.

Later this week an instructor will...Read More »

Trust Your Si Fu


Si Fu is Chinese for Father. But it carries a formal quality. It is not as informal as Pappa. It is closer to the religious title of Reverend. It is a family term, but used with high regard and respect. When...Read More »



I am not a fan of competition. I feel that competition brings out the worst in human beings.

I have never been heavily involved with competitive sports, I think largely because I do not like the way people act over the results of a win-lose scenario....Read More »

Getting What You Want Versus Wanting What You Have


Each week the owner of the martial arts school where I teach and most of the other instructors meet to lay plans. The owner of the school is a huge follower of motivational speakers, Zig Zigler and a host of others, especially those that talk...Read More »

Wing Chun

Wing Chun

Some readers may wonder what it is that I do, other than blogging anyway.

I am a martial arts instructor. You know, that whole Karate, UFC, chop-chop, kick-kick, beat ‘em up thing. However, there is a lot more to martial arts than the fun and...Read More »

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