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As a former Audio Soundtrack Producer / Engineer I offer an insider look at movies, television and webshows.

Blade Runner 2049

All civilization is built on slavery…

New bites into old franchises often go sour, but not in this case. Blade Runner 2049 hits every mark. It has all the flavor, and all the nuance. It continues the story, and grows it. It answers some of the...Read More »

Star Trek - Beyond (Movie Review)

The shorthand version: If you enjoy the Abrams Star Trek universe, you will be thrilled with “Beyond”. All the actors do good work. The sets, cinematography, and special effects are good. The direction is a little wonky at times, but good overall. The score...Read More »

Captain America: Civil War (Movie Review)

Absolute power not only corrupts – it exists and thrives on no accountability.

There is not a lot to say about the plot to this movie. There is a rift between the members of the Avengers. Friends become rivals and enemies, each with good intentions. Thin plots...Read More »

Hardcore Henry (Movie Review)

Imagine you are the major character in an action movie. For decades, computer and video games have been posing this idea. First-person shooters put you in the hot seat as the story unfolds in front of you. Novels have used this point of view...Read More »

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (Movie Review)

What if God and Superman got in a fight? Like ancient Greek myths, what of the battle between God and Man? Absolute power corrupts absolutely. What is an alien? There is so much red meat, a bountiful harvest to work with. There...Read More »

Deadpool (Movie Review)

Okay, none of the artsy-fartsy, Siskel and Ebert crap. Deadpool is action packed, ball-busting, wall-busting irreverent fun. Go see it.

Oh, and for you folks that like to bring your little kids to the movies – don’t. Just don’t. Besides the fact they drop...Read More »

The Hateful Eight (Movie Review)

They say, ‘Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer’. But what if you do not know who is who?

After my “Force” experience, this movie rekindled my faith in storytelling and moviemaking. I will say right off, this movie is not for everyone. If...Read More »

Why Everyone Likes “The Force Awakens” and the Negative Implications

I avoided my normal review of “The Force Awakens” for a few reasons. I did not want to release any spoilers. That is no longer a consideration. I also wanted to take time to figure out why everyone seems to love it, while I...Read More »

Pixels (Movie Review)

I spent a good deal of time, and quarters, in the arcades in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. They were the logical extension of the movies and TV I would watch, with the advantage being that I got to do some of the blasting myself. Well, sort of....Read More »

Ant-Man (Movie Review)

I have difficulty with shape-shifting stories. Shape shifting does not account for mass. Shrinking your body down to the size of an ant, well, that would be one heavy ant. However, if your story starts with, “This is going to be weird,” at that point you can...Read More »

Terminator Genisys (Movie Review)

Time travel is tricky business. When you change something, you do not know what else will be changed. Moreover, if you can go back once, why not go back again and do it until you get it right.

Terminator Genisys is the culmination of the Terminator storyline, though there...Read More »

Jurassic World (Movie Review)

We live with the constant quest for more – more resources, more revenue, more action, more teeth. In any system, there is a point where the greed for more will result in something you cannot handle or control.

It is more than twenty years since the Jurassic Park venture...Read More »

Mad Max: Fury Road (Movie Review)

“Hope is not a strategy. If you can’t fix what’s broken, you’ll go insane.”

For Fury Road, think of Mad Max and Beyond Thunderdome but do not carry the early franchise with you. This is not a sequel, or a prequel, or a remake. It is another...Read More »

Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie Review)

I generally start my reviews with some insight drawn from the message of the film. However, some movies are about the ride, not the destination.

As for the plot, well, a bad guy appears and the Avengers must defeat him, or her, or in this case a him-ish it....Read More »

Ex Machina (Movie Review)

It is a long held sci-fi tenant that machines, even artificially intelligent ones, will be coldblooded. That emotion, compassion, or empathy, is the result or domain of warm-blooded organisms only. However, nothing in human existence bears this out. We have not yet developed truly intelligent machines,...Read More »

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