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Edge of Tomorrow (Movie Review)

Edge of Tomorrow

This was originally published on June 8, 2014. This is a reconstruction following a database failure.

Hop, hop, move left, jump, move right, zap. Ugh. Hop, hop, move left, jump, move left, hop, zap. Ugh. Try again. We’ve all done it,...Read More »

A Million Ways to Die in the West (Movie Review)

A Million Ways to Die in the West

This was originally posted on June 1, 2014. This is a reconstruction following database failure.

In the 1880’s, life expectancy was, well, short. Records vary. Some say that the average life expectancy in Great Britain was about 41. Some reports say the average...Read More »

X-Men: Days of Future Past (Movie Review)

X-Men Days of Future Past

Physics tells us that time is not immutable, but it is also not breakable.

Professor Michio Kaku suggests that the quality that makes us more than chimps is our ability to mentally manipulate time; to see the past and deconstruct it, and to see the future and pre-construct it. ...Read More »

Godzilla 2014 (Movie Review)

Godzilla 2014

On Monday, August 6, 1945, at 8:15 a.m., the U.S. dropped Little Boy on Hiroshima, Japan. 80,000 people lost their lives that day, and within two months another 80,000 from that one bomb alone. A sad historical mark for humanity.

In some ways, equally sad is the realization...Read More »

The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Movie Review)

The Amazing Spiderman 2

I like action movies. I like superhero movies. My belief can be suspended for the purposes of entertainment.

Swinging right to the chase, this Spidey doesn’t do it for me. It isn’t that I do not like the Spiderman concept. I enjoyed the Toby Maguire incarnation,...Read More »

Transcendence (Movie Review)


The future is coming. Like tomorrow, the future never really arrives, but it also cannot be stopped from coming.

Transcendence is another term used for the Technological Singularity, a time when technological advancement will become so rapid that the rate of change cannot be measured in human terms. ...Read More »

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Movie Review)

Captain America Winter Soldier

You cannot separate risk from freedom. Freedom and security are an illusion. It is fact. Accept it.

He is a symbol of America, a symbol of Americana. He is also a symbol of a bygone America. His truths still ring, but his world is not...Read More »

The Grand Budapest Hotel (Movie Review)

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Everyone’s life is a world unto itself. Everyone has a story, even a lowly Lobby Boy.

Dimitri Moustafa, also known as Zero, tells his story to an author, who turns that story into a book. But this isn’t the story of the author nor his book. It...Read More »

Muppets Most Wanted (Movie Review)

Muppets Most Wanted

Here is where I try to make some profound statement about the content of the movie, but come on, it’s THE MUPPETS!

And here is where I talk about the actors, but it’s The Muppets! Like most Muppet movies half of Hollywood is involved. (They even poke at...Read More »

300: Rise of an Empire (Movie Review)

300: Rise of an Empire

Tribe, city, state, nation. Sadly through most of history and to this very day nation building has been forged from fire, steel, and blood. History is rife with tales which the descendants of the victors always glorify, while the tales of the vanquished vanish, or smolder only...Read More »

Pompeii (Movie Review)


It really happened. Frozen in ash are glimpses into the lives or real people in the heat of a disaster that happened 1,940 years ago . . .

I found the movie pedestrian. I had hoped for informed speculative glimpses into those lives. Not a documentary, but...Read More »

RoboCop - 2014 (Movie Review)

RoboCop 2014

If all that is left of you is your head, throat, lungs and heart, and maybe your right hand, and everything else was a computerized prosthetic, would you have a soul? Moreover, if the taps into your brain required for interfacing with your prosthetics were able to supercede...Read More »

The Monuments Men (Movie Review)

Monuments Men

No one questions that Hitler and the Nazis were a bad bunch. The depth of Hitler’s greed is hard to dispute. It was not enough to take millions of lives, he wanted all the loot to boot, and if he couldn’t have it he was just as...Read More »

I, Frankenstein (Movie Review)

I, Frankenstein

I went to see this movie having no expectations of grandeur. I am a science fiction fan, a movie fan, and a martial artist (of no particular caliber). Given all of this, it was a movie to see on a dreary, cold Saturday. For reasons that...Read More »

47 Ronin (Review)

47 Ronin (Review)

At the start of the 1700’s, a band of Samurai was left leaderless when their lord, Asano Naganori, was forced to commit seppuku (ritualized suicide) for assaulting a court official, Kira Yoshinaka. Samurai code states that without a lord to follow Samurai become Ronin, wayward, wonders. After...Read More »

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