Why do I have this blog? Rated PG


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D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Thoughts and observations of two divorces. Rated PG
The Art of Fighting Without Fighting: I dislike fighting. Rated G
I am Catman: Loyal like a dog, but indpendant like a cat. Rated G
Another World: What would I be like if I wasn’t an introvert? Rated PG
My True Skin: I prefer to sleep clothed. Rated PG
Marriage in the Modern Age: Is traditional marriage still possible? Rated PG
It is a Thing You Would Not Understand: Is it valid to refuse to explain something? Rated PG
Unconditional Conditions: Unconditional love is a fiction. Rated G
Accepting Praise: Why do we brush off compliments? Rated G
It’s Show Time: The shy person might be the life of the party. Rated G
What is a Friend?: We call many different people “friends,” but what is a “friend?” Rated G
The Combination Lock: How do women work? RATED R – Sexual Concepts
The Death of a Dream: Dreams are missed, fail or die. But they are always replaced. Rated PG
The Eye is a Window Into the Soul, or Not.: All I see is an eye. Rated G


Early Years

Emergency Exit: A long adventure. Rated R
The Scrimsham and the Nerd: One of the people that influenced my life. Rated G
Portrait of the Artist with a Nerd: Another person that has influenced me. Rated G
I Burned Down the Subdivision?: No, really, I didn’t. Rated G
The Human Shield: More high school fun. Rated PG
Myna Hello: Hoisted by my own petard. Rated PG – Language
Roar Mike Rohr: When death touches us. Rated G
Those friends thou hast . . .: Friends are as good as gold. Rated PG
Bowling With Woody: Some fun times bowling. Rated PG
Life Imitates Joke: Jokes come from somewhere. Rated PG
Pickled Pigs Feet: Some things just shouldn’t be. Rated PG

College Years

Scooter and the Gals: Women can be as nasty as guys. Rated PG
The Bonding: More than a high school girl friend. Rated PG
The Albino Skunk Groupie: A fun college experience. Rated R
Towing The Line With LTD: Another college / stagehand experience. Rated R

Adult Life

The Washcloth’s Volume: A bit about my first wife. Rated PG
Goulash, no Goolosh: More about my first ex. Rated G
The Shell Game: More of my first ex’s foolishness. Rated G
Innuendo Free-fall: It is fun to flirt, if you can recognize it. Rated R
Honored Back: How I got started in Martial Arts. Rated PG

Summaries of Posts in the Life category (also includes the Journal category):

Slow and Steady, Uh Yup

It has taken months. Grueling months of very long, very late night work. I have finally finished all of the vocal recording and editing for my new novel, The Curmudgeon Code. The audio book vocal recording served a dual purpose. … Read More »

Processing Process

Everything we do has a process. How you get ready for work. How you cook a meal. How you get dressed. Your process may not be like mine, or anyone else’s. In “All in the Family” Archie debated with Michael … Read More »

Back to the Future

Sometimes I feel like Marty McFly, zooming back to things past in order to build a base for the future. Sometimes it feels more like wheel spinning than going. I am in the thick of the audio book production for … Read More »

Leonard Nimoy Will Live On

Leonard Nimoy – the word is given. Mr. Spock will live on. The children of today’s children will know Mr. Spock. Many of them will know that Spock was first given life by Leonard Nimoy rather than Zackary Quinto. Okay, … Read More »

Wistful Wishes, Wants, and Ifs

The holidays are over. Did one of your wishes come true? Did you get what you want? If you had gotten that one special thing, life would be wonderful, right? Did you make a resolution for the New Year? Will … Read More »

The Word was Given in 2014

The world is full of wonderful spirits. Time unfortunately takes them from us. Here is a small list of a few of the bright souls we left behind last year. Pete Seeger Jan 27 Philip Hoffman Feb. 2 Sid Ceasar … Read More »

Happy Holidays

Peace on Earth. Goodwill to everyone.Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Read More »

A New Approach

The recent problems with my blog (see: Server Errors Bite!), following on the heels of similar problems less than a year ago, made me aware that there had been rather considered attempts to hack into my blog. As such, I’ve … Read More »

Server Errors Bite!

BlogYinYang has recently been receiving / producing ERROR 500 – Internal Server Errors. Why? Who the hell knows! Supposedly, this is an error often seen with WordPress blogs, though at this point I believe the term “Internal” is more the … Read More »

Turning a Page

Turning a PageI am an author. It isn’t only that I have self-published. I have been paid by a publication for my written self-expressive work. It may have been a long time ago, but it is fact. So, I am an author, … Read More »

A Hard Writing Day

I know where the story and characters are going… It’s just getting them there. Keep typing.Read More »

A Life of Their Own

Writing Comes to LifeI’m still promoting my first book, On a Sphere’s Edge; pushing the ebook and the audio book, with hopes of having a paperback version later this year or early next. While I am doing that, I am working on my … Read More »

New Book

Another great day of writing. My new book is almost writing itself (with a lot of guidance from me of course). #IndieAuthor #indieauthRead More »

Sherlock Holmes: The Ultimate Collection

Sherlock Holmes The Ultimate CollectionLast night I finished reading Sherlock Holmes: The Ultimate Collection (Illustrated). It is a collection of all four of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books, and 54 of the short story serials published in the papers of the time; supposedly … Read More »

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