Why do I have this blog? Rated PG


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D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Thoughts and observations of two divorces. Rated PG
The Art of Fighting Without Fighting: I dislike fighting. Rated G
I am Catman: Loyal like a dog, but indpendant like a cat. Rated G
Another World: What would I be like if I wasn’t an introvert? Rated PG
My True Skin: I prefer to sleep clothed. Rated PG
Marriage in the Modern Age: Is traditional marriage still possible? Rated PG
It is a Thing You Would Not Understand: Is it valid to refuse to explain something? Rated PG
Unconditional Conditions: Unconditional love is a fiction. Rated G
Accepting Praise: Why do we brush off compliments? Rated G
It’s Show Time: The shy person might be the life of the party. Rated G
What is a Friend?: We call many different people “friends,” but what is a “friend?” Rated G
The Combination Lock: How do women work? RATED R – Sexual Concepts
The Death of a Dream: Dreams are missed, fail or die. But they are always replaced. Rated PG
The Eye is a Window Into the Soul, or Not.: All I see is an eye. Rated G


Early Years

Emergency Exit: A long adventure. Rated R
The Scrimsham and the Nerd: One of the people that influenced my life. Rated G
Portrait of the Artist with a Nerd: Another person that has influenced me. Rated G
I Burned Down the Subdivision?: No, really, I didn’t. Rated G
The Human Shield: More high school fun. Rated PG
Myna Hello: Hoisted by my own petard. Rated PG – Language
Roar Mike Rohr: When death touches us. Rated G
Those friends thou hast . . .: Friends are as good as gold. Rated PG
Bowling With Woody: Some fun times bowling. Rated PG
Life Imitates Joke: Jokes come from somewhere. Rated PG
Pickled Pigs Feet: Some things just shouldn’t be. Rated PG

College Years

Scooter and the Gals: Women can be as nasty as guys. Rated PG
The Bonding: More than a high school girl friend. Rated PG
The Albino Skunk Groupie: A fun college experience. Rated R
Towing The Line With LTD: Another college / stagehand experience. Rated R

Adult Life

The Washcloth’s Volume: A bit about my first wife. Rated PG
Goulash, no Goolosh: More about my first ex. Rated G
The Shell Game: More of my first ex’s foolishness. Rated G
Innuendo Free-fall: It is fun to flirt, if you can recognize it. Rated R
Honored Back: How I got started in Martial Arts. Rated PG

Summaries of Posts in the Life category (also includes the Journal category):

Glimpses into the Author

Mex4Self-publishing requires self-promotion, which is something I do not do very well at all, but I am trying. I recently started a little campaign that I use almost exclusively on Twitter. For my own purposes, I call it “Glimpses into … Read More »

Thanks for Taking the Time

Mark Szasz (Griffinpoet) ImageMark Szasz, aka griffinpoet, has written a review of On a Sphere’s Edge. Actually he has written two, though one is an edited version of the original. The review was solicited in that I asked him if he felt like … Read More »

Art Lives

Sammi's WeathertopOne of my readers, Sammi, learned something from my blog about a print that she owns. She stumbled on my blog post, Portrait of the Artist with a Nerd and found that she had a prize in her garage. She … Read More »

Romancing the Words

Romancing the WordsWriting romance is difficult. It is for me, anyway. I am 40,000+ words into my new novel. It isn’t a romance novel nor a love story. But two of the primary characters do fall in love, and that love and … Read More »

Distressing Jeans

Distressing JeansI went to the store yesterday to buy a pair of jeans, and I found the whole thing somewhat depressing. I am not a Fashionista. I do not buy clothes for fun, I purchase them out of necessity. My style … Read More »

Portrait of the Artist with a Nerd Part Two

John R Byron Hidden peopleThrough the original post, “Portrait of the Artist with a Nerd,” I was introduced to one of my wonderful readers, Sammi1228. I do so love hearing from readers. That is why I write. I already know these stories. I tell … Read More »

Facebook Fail

Facebook FailWe have all seen this a lot lately; friends or cohorts who are disgusted with Facebook, weed out a majority of their FB friends, or even just drop out of Facebook altogether. I have certainly given thought to it myself, … Read More »

Stray No More

IndieDuring the July 4th weekend, the little guy pictured showed up on my front deck. The little black patch just in front of my old truck is my trusty friend, Scaredy Cat. Stray cats show up all the time. I … Read More »

Father's Day Revisited

DadOn this Father’s Day, which happens to fall on the anniversary of my mother’s passing, I thought I would repost this story… Footsie – Or How My Dad Became My Dad… Some names have been changed to protect the guilty. … Read More »

Recording the Audio Book

Sphere's Edge Audio BookI am working on the On a Sphere’s Edge Audio Book. Reading one’s own book, reading it aloud, is an interesting experience. Reading it aloud with the intent of having others listen to that reading is a challenging experience. I’m … Read More »

Writing a Book

On a Sphere's EdgeI’ve written a book. Is it the great American novel? No. Is it my best work? Well, it is my first book so there is nothing to compare it to. Frankly, as I am already working on my next novel … Read More »

New Trailer

A new, shorter trailer for the book… Get the book here: On a Sphere’s Edge.Read More »

My First Book Published

On a Sphere's EdgeI have published my first book. It is independently published, which isn’t like the old days when you had to convince a publisher to back you. But still – I have published my book! On a Sphere’s Edge is a … Read More »

The Greater Result Podcast #5 - History's Synergies

The Greater Result Podcast 5Synergy is a wonderful thing. I was feeling pretty good about my podcast scheduling. I had one in the can, and had an agreement with the next podcast guest. Unfortunately the guest and I ran into scheduling conflicts. That left … Read More »

The Greater Result Podcast #4 with Alex Mosher

Podcast #4 with Alex MosherIn this podcast, I sit down with my daughter, Alex Mosher. Some of you may already be thinking, “Wait a minute. I thought you had a son.” Well, what I have is a wonderful, brave child. Alex was born male, … Read More »

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