The Albino Skunk Groupie

Rated R: Language, Concepts

As I’ve said before, when you are introverted and shy and you have low self esteem you miss things. You do not learn necessary social skills. You seclude yourself. You assume you are not wanted or enjoyed, you cannot be. You are always last to the party and first to leave, if you are invited at all, and the next day you hear about all the cool things you missed.

While in college studying Audio Engineering, I worked a lot of little jobs to keep myself going. I was on the work-study program in my department which yielded a small but regular paycheck. From time to time, to earn extra bucks, I was a stage-hand extra at the Coliseum, our university’s basketball / concert / what-have-you venue. Your typical thirteen-thousand seat sort of semi-dome, where they do everything from graduations to “Monster Trucks, this SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!”

Generally I worked rock concerts but I did a little of everything. I helped set the stage for an evening with Red Skeleton, and for David Copperfield where I got into trouble. I enjoy magic tricks and slight of hand and while working on the stage I poked and peeked into the, “Split a Lady in Three Boxes” trick and was caught by one of his Roadies who gave me a firm scolding.

I worked big concerts too, from Foghat and their “Wall of Sound” to LTD and The Commodores, to KISS. While setting up Foghat I noticed a gal stage-hand. Long black and silver hair, tight jeans around curvy hips. A sort of hippy air and style that I find enjoyable. She caught my eye, not only because of her style, but just that she was there pulling cables with us. She was the first gal I had seen working a concert.

I don’t think that is because it was a guy’s club or anything like that. I think it was more that it was all physical grunt work that went on for hours upon hours and that a it didn’t appeal to women.

Anyway, I couldn’t help shooting her looks. That long hair. Knowing that she had to be into rock and roll. That hippy, cool chick look. And she was a little bit older than me (I have a preference for older women). I guess she noticed me staring. Heck, how could she miss it. I was shooting glances her way every free second I got.

It takes several hours to set up a concert. Pull in and build the stage. The riggers have to climb into the rafters to get the truss wenches in place. Assembling the lighting truss and flying it. Pulling power cables, monitor cables, mic cables. Set pieces and props and on and on it goes. But it does all have to stop, the show has to begin.

This particular show’s set and sound system was so large it required more time than usual, so the stage-hands were broken into two shifts. This was done mostly to keep them from being totally burned out because both shifts would have to come together at the end of the show for the tear-down, and that had to happen fast.

My shift was given the all clear and the second set of stage-hands and Roadies started to come in and do their thing. Much to my surprise the chick came over to me and asked, “What are you doing until show time?” I said, “Nothin’ I guess.” She said, “Want to come to my place and hang out?” Now I’ll be honest with you. At the time, if you couldn’t tell from the setting I’ve described and from one of the pictures I’ve posted on this site, I was into the herb.

So what goes through this naive nerd’s mind when a gal invites him over to her place? The thought that maybe she wanted to be friends, that maybe something could happen flashed through my mind for a fleeting moment. But then I remembered myself. That could not possibly be the case. There had to be another motive. Had to be. Oh right. I thought, “Ooooo, free smoke. But hey, I get to smoke with this really cool chick.” I said, “Sure.”

She tells me where she lives, which is near by. But a bit unnerving to me it is a motel. I never knew anyone that lived in a motel before. But, whatever. So I go to the motel and to her room. She invites me in. The room had been fairly personalized, so she was clearly living there, not just spending the night.

All of the sudden out from under the bed crawled an albino skunk. No shit. An albino skunk. Wildest thing I’ve ever seen. Big bushy tail. Not pure white, but a sort of light blonde. You could still see a hint of the two main white stripes down its back. The eyes were pink as with all albinos. She tells me the skunk is her pet and that it had been de-skunked, and that he is friendly, and he was. He acted like a cat, rubbing up against my leg and wanting to be petted.

Well, she sits on the bed and I sit on a chair playing with the skunk as we talk. I pull out a doobie and ask if she wants some. She eagerly agrees, so it all starts to make sense in this innocent geek’s mind. After a bit she pats the empty spot of the bed beside her, “Do you want to sit on the bed?” “No, I’m good,” I replied as casually as if she had asked me the time. I did not have a clue.

A little while later she places both her hands gently on her crotch and says, “Do you wanna, you know?” It was like a baseball bat had whacked me in the head. A pretty gal inviting weird me over. A motel room. Little pieces of brick ‘n’ brock in the room suddenly had meaning. There was no talk of money. She wasn’t a hooker. She just enjoyed, well, sex. That was something I wasn’t prepared for.

I didn’t really say anything. I couldn’t. I could not utter words. I let out a sort of, “Nnnaa mmm.” I got up and sat down on the floor, my back against the bed, pretty much turning my back to her and got enough courage to say, “I just want to play with your skunk.” I petted the skunk for what felt like 30 minutes, but was probably three minutes at best, and then said, “Well, I better get something to eat. Show’s going to start in a while. Thanks for the smoke.” Poof, I was out of there like lightening. Not because I was afraid of her or offended by her. Hell, I was attracted to her. But I needed something more than a Hello, Puff, Fuck. It was all just too much for me to handle. I had no experience. I could not figure out how to turn it from something so straightforward and casual to something that made sense to me. I truly did not know what to do or how to deal with it.

Hey, I did get to play with an albino skunk. :lol:

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