The Bonding

Rated R

Scooter was a friend who happened to be female. She was my protector and my educator of things feminine.

It was the summer after high school. Scooter and I had been playing little games of tit-for-tat. No, not petting but sexual innuendo was involved. We would hang out and she would tease me about doing it. She had sex before, but I hadn’t. The teasing was both flirtatious and educational on her part. Maybe she was warming me up to the idea. Maybe she was playing mother, wanting to bring the poor, innocent geek along in his development, but with slow, careful steps. Whatever her intentions, I could never thank her enough. The teasing was a bit frustrating at the time. Read that as, now I have a boner, what will you let me do with it? But her guidance and acceptance as a friend was, and is still, deeply cherished.

One weekend my folks went out of town. The free spirit that Scooter was, she suggested that she come over. While there she asked if there was any alcohol in the house. There was, my parents being social drinkers. Well, maybe more than merely social, but not drunks. Most nights when everything was done and taken care of, Mom and Dad would have a screwdriver or a highball, maybe two as they unwound and talked about their day. So, yeah, there was liquor in the house.

She suggested we have some. I explained that not only was I a lightweight, especially so back then, but someone had to drive. She was cool with that. So I started serving up the drinks as she asked for them. In hindsight, and given a discussion Scooter and I had years later, she was intentionally loosening herself up to give herself to me. She wanted to be the one to pop my cherry. Wait a minute. Guys don’t get their cherry popped, do they? Well, whatever it is you call it when a guy has his first, she wanted to be the one but felt she needed to loosen up first.

The thing is, the alcohol hit her hard and fast. Faster than she was prepared for. Or maybe that was all part of her plan. She got woozy and asked to lie down. She specifically wanted to lie down on my folk’s bed. That was understandable as it was a real cool, round bed. Something she had never seen before. So I led her into the room and helped her to lie down.

She lay there for a little bit. I sat beside her, making sure all was well. I wanted to be ready incase I was going to see the liquor make a return appearance. She looked at me and said, a little slurred, “You know you can do anything you want.” I said, “No. Not with you like this. It wouldn’t feel right. You just relax and enjoy the drunk.” In a short while, she was snoring softly.

I let her sleep for about two hours, just sitting beside her, occasionally moving about the house but staying in constant check with her. It was getting a bit past the time she should be getting home, so I stroked her hair and carefully, slowly woke her. She was fine and with some help was able to get up and get to the car. The ride to her home cleared her head a little.

When we got there, I walked her to the door and explained to her mother that she had a little bit to drink. Scooter’s fire rolled up about then. She let her Mom know straight up that nothing bad had happened and she better not start in on me. Her mother assessed the situation quickly. Mom’s are good at that, and thanked me for bringing Scooter home safe and taking care of her, and for having the courage to walk her inside.

Years later, in a fast food joint in the middle of campus, Scooter explained to me that things changed for her after that. Until that point I was a friend. But I was still a nerd, a bit of a dork. She enjoyed the teasing. She knew she had the upper hand, having more knowledge, more experience, more nerve. But after that night real feeling developed. She said I was the one she really had wanted, though at that time in our lives things were changing and moving in ways not easy to stop. She told me that women sort of expect guys to take advantage, especially when it is laid out like it was that night. But the fact that I didn’t, while on one hand reassured her knowledge that I was an innocent nerd, on the other hand made her realize there really were kind, loving people, and made her really understand that I meant it when I said I cared for her.

I will always miss her, and think of her. That type of friendship is one I dearly want to recreate.

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