Oh No. Politics.

Let’s face it, we all are affected by politics whether we admit it or not. We might as well discuss it.

Money Is Not Free Speech - 2011/12/12
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Have You Reached a Verdict?

As I begin to write this, I have just been released from my position as a juror in a Common Pleas case. With all the hoopla about presidential candidates, confederate flags, ISA spying, and police brutality, this chance to look … Read More »

Take it Down

Race, as applied to different peoples, is a human abstract construct. There is the biological classification of species, but no such thing as race. As far as humans are concerned, we are a single species, Homo sapiens. Race grows out … Read More »

Ferguson Fuse

Ferguson FuseIt is impossible to suggest that the events in Ferguson, Missouri are not racially motivated and instigated. When we learn that a police force has 53 officers, only 3 of which are African American, a red flag should go up. … Read More »

A Piece of the Action

CommunityRecently I talked about building community among martial artists within a school, though the discussion veered off to a debate between sports related martial artists and science related martial artists, jocks versus a chess club. The real lead became buried. … Read More »

Fittest One or Fittest Group

Fittest One or Fittest GroupThe concept of natural selection is not limited to animal species. It involves any group, from species to sports teams to social-economic groups, societies. More important, it does not refer to the strongest or most fit individuals within any of … Read More »

Where Were You?

John F. KennedyFifty years ago today, on a Friday like today, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. If you know any folk more than fifty, you will often hear them talk about knowing where they were when the president was shot. I … Read More »

Bubbles Burst

Bursting BubbleThe Dow Jones broke 16,000 today, an all time high. Corporate profits are at all time highs. Stocks, obviously, are at all time highs. Top wages are up, while average wages are holding steady. Bank profits are on the rise. … Read More »


GMO LabelingWashington state recently had a referendum on GMO labeling. The referendum lost, largely due to an anti-labeling campaign where large food processing companies like Pepsi, Monsanto, and others spent millions suggesting that labeling would carry a cost burden. There isn’t … Read More »

A House Divided

Uncle Sam Big Not SmartI believe the era of American Exceptionalism is coming to an end. We have been the big brutes on the block for far too long, while at the same time we have been dummying down our society. We have elected … Read More »

Killing Your Darling

Shut It Down RallyAs of this writing we are in the third day of a government shutdown. A lot of the conservative crowds are happy and proud. Most on the democratic side, such as myself, are concerned and frustrated. Each side throws out … Read More »


A BillIt looks like we are going to get a vote on gun safety measures in the Senate. That is a good thing. At least they have put away the filibustering sidestep. A vote in the Senate isn’t a law. A … Read More »

Law Versus Law

Spy Vs SpyWe have a weird duality going on in this country right now. On one hand we have a bunch of gun nuts fighting tooth and nail to thwart any simple, common sense laws to provide gun safety. They fight these … Read More »

The Daily Rant

The Daily ShowDo you watch “The Daily Show with Jon Stuart?” If you don’t, you should, no matter what your political persuasion. Frankly, you will learn more about our government and society on that show than any news program. For example, last … Read More »


Newtown AngelsA child lets fly, and our babies sleep, and moments later a nation weeps. The cowards shout and clutch their tools, while the strong stand up, decrying the fools. The sky won’t fall if we change our ways. It is … Read More »


Solitary ConfinementIs solitary confinement a wise practice? Okay, we accept that it is necessary to imprison some people. Some people do really bad things and will continue to do really bad things unless they are reigned in. Imprisonment is not an … Read More »

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