A Series of Political Cartoons from 2011

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Anti Immigration Laws - 2011/12/13

Anti Immigration Laws – 2011/12/13

Money Is Not Free Speech - 2011/12/12

Money Is Not Free Speech – 2011/12/12

It's A Great Day In SC - 2011/12/11

It’s A Great Day In SC – 2011/12/11

Business Runs Government - 2011/12/10

Business Runs Government – 2011/12/10

Congrats Mrs Koch - 2011/12/09

Congrats Mrs. Koch – 2011/12/09

Money In My Ear vs 99% - 2011/12/08

Money In My Ear vs 99% – 2011/12/08

Posts that deal with politics…

Where Were You?

John F. KennedyFifty years ago today, on a Friday like today, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. If you know any folk more than fifty, you will often hear them talk about knowing where they were when the president was shot. I … Read More »

Bubbles Burst

Bursting BubbleThe Dow Jones broke 16,000 today, an all time high. Corporate profits are at all time highs. Stocks, obviously, are at all time highs. Top wages are up, while average wages are holding steady. Bank profits are on the rise. … Read More »


GMO LabelingWashington state recently had a referendum on GMO labeling. The referendum lost, largely due to an anti-labeling campaign where large food processing companies like Pepsi, Monsanto, and others spent millions suggesting that labeling would carry a cost burden. There isn’t … Read More »

A House Divided

Uncle Sam Big Not SmartI believe the era of American Exceptionalism is coming to an end. We have been the big brutes on the block for far too long, while at the same time we have been dummying down our society. We have elected … Read More »

Killing Your Darling

Shut It Down RallyAs of this writing we are in the third day of a government shutdown. A lot of the conservative crowds are happy and proud. Most on the democratic side, such as myself, are concerned and frustrated. Each side throws out … Read More »

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