Oh No. Politics.

Let’s face it, we all are affected by politics whether we admit it or not. We might as well discuss it.

Money Is Not Free Speech - 2011/12/12
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Their Way or No Way

Giffords and KellyRemember Gabby Giffords, you know, that representative that was shot in the head in Tucson, Arizona? She is a strong supporter of gun safety measures. So is her husband, Mark Kelly. They are both gun owners. That’s right. Two proud … Read More »

Us Versus Them

Us V ThemAs a country we face a host of wars. Are you for gay marriage or against it? Are you for gun safety measures or against them? Are you pro choice or pro life? Are you for raising the minimum wage … Read More »

The Struggle Continues

ak mag 100It would seem that the pressure for gun safety or gun control laws that grew out of the Newtown experience is losing ground. Harry Reid will not include Dianne Feinstein’s Assault Weapons ban in the Senate bill. The Ryan House … Read More »

War Child

Iraq War ChildTen years ago yesterday the U.S. began its war in Iraq. I never agreed with the war or its basic idea. Generally I do not agree with the concept of war at all, though I do have to admit there … Read More »

What is the Conclusion?

Grandma In CamoIf we listen to the NRA, well, if we listen to Wayne LaPierre, president of the NRA, every single one of us should own a gun. Okay, LaPierre is a shill for gun manufacturers. If we listen to the Conservative … Read More »

Scolding Scalia

Justice Is Not BlindI respect the Supreme Court. I respect our Justices. I am not fond of all of them, but generally I respect them. Justice Scalia is one of the Justices that I have never been fond of. But I can no … Read More »

Seizing the Sequester

SequesterSequester means to seize or hide or isolate. I guess we can look at the current governmental Sequester with all of those definitions. It is the government being forced to seize some of its expenditures. It is the government being … Read More »

Presidents' Day

presidential sealFor some of you, today is a day off from work. For Congress it is. For the President, well does a President ever really have a day off? They may take vacations and play golf, but they are still hounded … Read More »

Crazies With Guns

Too Many GunsThis is an actual T-shirt that is available for purchase in a variety of formats from a variety of places. I first saw a variation of this T-shirt while visiting the NRA’s web site. I went to the NRA’s web … Read More »

Mad Hatters

Mad HatterI am not a fan of the Tea Party. I do not enjoy tea parties very much either, but I’m talking about the extreme right-wing fringe, the ultraconservative collective called the Tea Party. If you have been watching the news … Read More »

How Big Versus How Many

No GunsIf you read my blog, you know I am very pro gun control. I am happy to see that there seems to be good forward momentum in this area. Personally, I am all for the Assault Weapons ban. However, I … Read More »

Another Argument

Stop SignThis gun control issue is really heating up. Personally, I am glad that there seems to be governmental movement toward some gun control. When I have this discussion with people at work, I am always met with a host of … Read More »

What Does It Mean?

:mad:What does Gun Control mean? What does the idea of common sense gun laws mean? Shortly after the Sandy Hook shooting, I got into a rather heated debate at the school where I teach. I am a bleeding heart liberal … Read More »


DoomBack when computers were clumsy and computer games were still fairly pixilated and cartoon-like due to limited colors, I occasionally played a game called “Doom.” “Doom” was a popular game, built on the even more popular game engine, “Castle Wolfenstein.” … Read More »


No TeethYou know I am hot on this gun regulations thing. Let me spell out the so-called Regulations that South Carolina has. You can find these regulations at various web sites. Most of them are SC Government or South Carolina Law … Read More »

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