Oh No. Politics.

Let’s face it, we all are affected by politics whether we admit it or not. We might as well discuss it.

Money Is Not Free Speech - 2011/12/12
A Series of Political Cartoons – Click Here

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Culture Crazy

Brain HurtsThis gun thing is still bugging me. I suppose it always will, but the more I think about the various arguments that I have heard against regulations or even looking at regulations, the more my brain hurts. It isn’t the … Read More »

Blaming the Media

Blaming MediaChristmas time is over. That special time is giving way to everyday life. The New Year is ahead of us. With that, I look forward to a special time for all of humanity. A time full of peace and kindness, … Read More »

Let’s Be Reasonable

UnreasonableAfter tragedies like Newtown, Connecticut, I often get rather upset. It isn’t just the event that upsets me. The inability to get reasonable discussion on the matter is also upsetting. I understand that I am a bleeding heart liberal living … Read More »


50 Year Violent Crime TrendI heard several pro-gun concerns and issues after the Newtown shooting. 1. Let’s not talk about it now. Do not let this tragic event cause knee-jerk reaction to reduce our freedoms. Don’t tread on the Second Amendment and take away … Read More »

Enough is Enough . . .

No GunsI had prepared a post for yesterday (12/14/12), and one for today. But in light of the events in Newtown, Connecticut, I felt they were inappropriate as they were too lighthearted. My first response yesterday was to start writing a … Read More »

B-Bye DeMint

Jim DeMint ResignsSC Senator Jim DeMint has resigned, affective in January. YEAH! YIPPEE! While I will be glad to be rid of the President of the Senate Tea Party Caucus and have his shadow removed from SC leadership, now I have to … Read More »

You Can’t Spell Hostess Without Host

As I grew up, I was led to think that being an entrepreneur or building a company was about building a dynasty, about providing a product or service and building something for the future. Certainly building a company is about making money, to make money for the owners as well as for its workers and as such for the surrounding community. To make money today and tomorrow and for many tomorrows to come. . . Read More »

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