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I am very honored.

Amy M. rates the book 4 out of 5 stars, and says:
“Good story line and interesting characters make this an enjoyable read. Speaks strongly on human nature, which transcends time and technology. Looking forward to your next book.”

Cell LinkIt is the twenty-fourth century. Humanity has spread out among the stars thanks to a twenty-second century power system.

Lieutenant Commander Alexandria Novastra finds herself in possession of a legendary device that has the potential to destroy civilization. It is then she learns the device is addictive. She cannot turn this device over to her commanders. Military minds and all-consuming destructive powers do not make a good match. She reluctantly accepts the need to drop out of the system to protect the device and humanity. To do that, she enlists the aid of a crafty ex-con.

Chris Ashby says: “I really enjoyed it! It was a good story that was thought provoking and entertaining, interwoven into a very interesting look at the future. Well done!”

ISBN #9781478752189
The Paperback is now available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and most outlets, including brick and mortar stores.
The eBook is available at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Kobo
Audio book on: Amazon, Audible.com, and iTunes
Outskirts Press Sales Sheet.
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Mark S. says: “I don’t listen to many audiobooks so I don’t have a lot of comparison to go by. However, the other experiences I had were very static next to this one. It includes all kinds of bells and whistles: music, sound effects, and (best of all) a variety of character voices. Though my audiobook experiences have been minimal, I’d say this touches on all the fronts an audiobook should touch on for me. And, hopefully, for you, too.

In one of the early chapters, there is a whole segment that describes reentry into a planet’s atmosphere.* There are plenty of great segments in the book, but that was one of the first to make an impression on me (the first of many).

While reading this, I was very impressed by the detail in it. The characters and the setting are developed in the most exciting and complete ways, ways that you almost exclusively see in science fiction. The author demonstrates their strong comprehension of the genre they were writing in. If you enjoy Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein, then I suspect you will find “On a Sphere’s Edge” thoroughly enjoyable!”
(*ed. This passage can be heard in the Sample Passages below.)

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There is also a new CafePress Shop with On a Sphere’s Edge t-shirts, mugs and other goodies.

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Sample Passages

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First Trailer

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Big Winner

The game was to tell me what the original On a Sphere’s Edge tag line was, and what the current tag line is.

The answer is:
Original: “Addictive Myth, Legend, Tool”
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Promoting Emoting

Sphere's Edge CellLink

Writing a book, creating an audio show version of that book, these are solitary, artistic endeavors.

But the writing and editing, the recording and performing, are all meaningless without an audience. The reason a person writes is to get something out. Not out into the open air, but...Read More »

Let's Play a Game

On a Sphere's Edge Patch

The On a Sphere’s Edge audio book is out and available.
Here’s your chance for a FREE copy.

(That’s a $19.95 value on Audible.com.)

Between the book’s page on Amazon, the On a Sphere’s Edge website, and my blog (Read More »

The On a Sphere's Edge Audio Book is Out!

On a Sphere's Edge Audio Book

The On a Sphere’s Edge audio book has been released on Audible.com.
It will be available on Amazon and iTunes soon.

Creating the audio book was an interesting experience. I worked hard to...Read More »

New Cell Link Channel

Sphere's Edge CellLink

In preparing for the coming On a Sphere’s Edge audio book, which means some promotion and advertising, I created a website specifically for the book. The website is here: onaspheresedge.com.

There is an EXCLUSIVE SAMPLE of the audio book on the...Read More »



After several months, the On a Sphere’s Edge audio book production work is finally done!

All files were uploaded to ACX late last night – well, early this morning would be more technically correct. ACX has a required review period, calling it a...Read More »

What's in a Tag Line?

New Cover Blank

The audio book is proceeding well. Approximately nine hours of audio narrative, along with some sound effects and some musical backgrounds, is quite a task. Regardless, the release date, sometime in mid-July, is on track.

Along with the audio book will be an updated release of the book...Read More »

Recording the Audio Book

Sphere's Edge Audio Book

I am working on the On a Sphere’s Edge Audio Book.

Reading one’s own book, reading it aloud, is an interesting experience. Reading it aloud with the intent of having others listen to that reading is a challenging experience.

I’m not an actor. ...Read More »

Writing a Book

On a Sphere's Edge

I’ve written a book. Is it the great American novel? No. Is it my best work? Well, it is my first book so there is nothing to compare it to. Frankly, as I am already working on my next novel I already know...Read More »

New Trailer

A new, shorter trailer for the book…
Get the book here: On a Sphere’s Edge.

...Read More »

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