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Ready Player One (Movie Review)

Virtual Reality is designed. It is designed to be played, to lose and respawn, and to be won. Reality is not designed. It cannot be played, but it can be won, or lost. It is 2045. The world is about … Continue reading

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Curmudgeon: noun (archaic) A miser. An ill-tempered, frequently old, stubborn person. A strong adherence to fixed ideas. A stubborn person or thing. (an excerpt) … Ford scrubs his chin. “I’m ‘fraid to say its human nature kid. Just the way … Continue reading

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The Curmudgeon Code is Out!

It Is Out! Our future draws on our past Terrorism, climate change, corporate marketing, and social media lying – technology holds great promise, and great risk. Where are we going? To answer that, we need to ask where we came … Continue reading

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In Time for the Holidays

Just in time for the Holidays… Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me is out now. This is a nonfiction work – my perspective and perceptions on martial arts in the world today. Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me e-book Astro Boy, Sensei, … Continue reading

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Giving, Gifts, and Gratitude

In the short time since my Kickstarter ended, a few people have expressed the desire to give me some money to help in my quest to get my latest novel published. This has left me pleasantly surprised, but also in … Continue reading

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