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Star Trek – Beyond (Movie Review)

The shorthand version: If you enjoy the Abrams Star Trek universe, you will be thrilled with “Beyond”. All the actors do good work. The sets, cinematography, and special effects are good. The direction is a little wonky at times, but … Continue reading

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While doing some spring-cleaning and organizing, I found this piece of artwork of mine, stored in an unusual place away from the rest of my artwork. I suppose I intended to hang it when I was moving into this place, … Continue reading

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Why Everyone Likes “The Force Awakens” and the Negative Implications

I avoided my normal review of “The Force Awakens” for a few reasons. I did not want to release any spoilers. That is no longer a consideration. I also wanted to take time to figure out why everyone seems to … Continue reading

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A Promise

I promise you this novel will make you think and feel. If we assume that climate change does not send humanity back to the caves, that we do not bomb ourselves back to the Stone Age, and that some meteor … Continue reading

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The Artificials

Let me start by asking that you help me to get this work published. Please pledge. The campaign is almost half way through, and the goal is a long way off. The antagonist in this story is not a person, … Continue reading

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