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Bow Shock

(Note: I had been writing the article below when a parallel article appeared in “I.F.L. Science” (the image is linked to it), so I figured it was time to stop editing and just publish.) The Bow Shock of The Great … Continue reading

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Early Prep for August

This is our star as seen from my porch at 4:51pm on this day. The dark patches are because I waited until the afternoon to start my testing – pure laziness. They are a few tree branches that began to … Continue reading

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Star Trek – Beyond (Movie Review)

The shorthand version: If you enjoy the Abrams Star Trek universe, you will be thrilled with “Beyond”. All the actors do good work. The sets, cinematography, and special effects are good. The direction is a little wonky at times, but … Continue reading

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A Promise

I promise you this novel will make you think and feel. If we assume that climate change does not send humanity back to the caves, that we do not bomb ourselves back to the Stone Age, and that some meteor … Continue reading

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The Theory of Everything (Movie Review)

The body is a bounded vessel. The mind ignores those boundaries. There is nothing I can say or add about Stephen Hawking. If you do not know who he is, well, Google him. A fragile body houses a brilliant, insightful, … Continue reading

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