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I Will Not Lose Her

When a cataclysmic storm rages between friends, we often look at the relationship itself. What went wrong? I did with her. I examined the relationship. I am sure she did as well. However, I think a deeper part of me … Continue reading

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Slipping on a Banana Peel

I have been thinking about comedy and social acceptance. Laughter is not solely human. Chimps are known to laugh, so they must have some sense of comedy, though we might not consider all chimp humor to be funny. In 1981, … Continue reading

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Back to Square One

I originally started blogging as a means of dealing with my Social Anxiety Disorder. I wanted to find a way to meet people, at least in the virtual world, as well as discuss social anxiety and express my own experiences … Continue reading

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Army of One

After writing about my time in a bottle, I became more aware of my pattern of isolation. I occurred to me that a lot of things I did as a kid and young adult were things I did no my … Continue reading

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It Isn’t You. It’s Me.

I recently learned something about myself. If I have been out with a group for four or five hours, I need to be alone for at least that same amount of time. It does not matter how many people there … Continue reading

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