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Star Trek – Beyond (Movie Review)

The shorthand version: If you enjoy the Abrams Star Trek universe, you will be thrilled with “Beyond”. All the actors do good work. The sets, cinematography, and special effects are good. The direction is a little wonky at times, but … Continue reading

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Leonard Nimoy Will Live On

Leonard Nimoy – the word is given. Mr. Spock will live on. The children of today’s children will know Mr. Spock. Many of them will know that Spock was first given life by Leonard Nimoy rather than Zackary Quinto. Okay, … Continue reading

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Star Trek Continues

The greatest things do not die. They are passed on. This fledgling series picks up where the original tv series left off. It takes a few moments to get use to the new actors, though Chris Doohan, son of James … Continue reading

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I Have Built Spaceships

As a kid and young teen I got into model building for a while. I built a model of the Saturn V Apollo launch vehicle along with its large moving gantry. I built several aircraft models, including the X-15 supersonic … Continue reading

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