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Early Prep for August

This is our star as seen from my porch at 4:51pm on this day. The dark patches are because I waited until the afternoon to start my testing – pure laziness. They are a few tree branches that began to … Continue reading

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Look Up

I enjoy my telescope and all the little attachments and tools that I have added to it. But sometimes all I want to do is step outside and look up. With my telescope, it is fascinating to look at Jupiter … Continue reading

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The Man in the Moon

Last night was a clear night, and the first with a Moon that we have had in a while. It was a good opportunity for me to conduct some astrophotography experiments. As I have explained in an earlier post, I … Continue reading

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Say Cheese

Not long ago I purchased a CCD camera for my telescope. I have not had a lot of chances to play with it. However, what few chances I have had show that my expectations will out shine the actual results. … Continue reading

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Fight Night

Tonight is Fight Night. Caged Chaos 6, an amateur and pro fight show will start tonight at 7pm at the Jamil Temple Arena here in Columbia. Caged Chaos is the collaboration of the owners of the school where I teach, … Continue reading

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