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Conjunction Junction

Last night or early this morning, depending on what you want to call 12:15am, I saw an amazing thing in the night sky. Early in the evening, after work, it was so hazy it was almost impossible to see any … Continue reading

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Ooo. Ahh.

Last night was the first clear night since getting my new mount and new finder scope for my telescope. So of course I carried it to my yard and starting figuring out the new stuff. The mount is awesome. It … Continue reading

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The upgrades I purchased for my telescope arrived yesterday. It took me a few hours between yesterday evening and today to get everything put together. Man. This is going to really change my stargazing. Pictured at the top is my … Continue reading

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Scope Fix

In early Fall of 2012, I bought a telescope. When I was a kid, my Dad gave me a telescope. It was a Refractor telescope. I had it for many years. It heightened my interest in the stars and planets. … Continue reading

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Collimating My Scope

Collimate means to make parallel, or line up, or to adjust the line of sight of a targeting device. Collimating is a necessary task for the proper use of a Newtonian telescope. Newtonian telescopes use a mirror to gather the … Continue reading

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