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The Law of Conservation of Energy

At times, we have all been in a void, not knowing where to turn. We spend a great deal of time weighing options, trying to make a decision about which path to choose, or to make. These mental gyrations feel … Continue reading

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In Time for the Holidays

Just in time for the Holidays… Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me is out now. This is a nonfiction work – my perspective and perceptions on martial arts in the world today. Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me e-book Astro Boy, Sensei, … Continue reading

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What is Wing Chun’s Real Lineage?

We know Yip Man’s flowery tale of Yim Wing Chun. We also know it was a promotional story, cobbled together from a few popular tales. White Crane, Tai Chi, and other arts also claim the story of the stork, which … Continue reading

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Learning to Unlearn

Here, at this late stage of life, I have come to realize I have been incorrectly taught at times, and I have improperly learned at others. Most often, we assume we learn incorrectly. We lay the blame on ourselves. However, … Continue reading

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Luk Dim Boon Gwan – The Six-and-a-half Point Pole

Poles, staves, and cudgels have been used in fighting since before we had languages to define them. Most martial arts incorporate some form of staff training. The most common is the staff, or bo. These are generally five or six … Continue reading

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