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:idea: D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Thoughts and observations of two divorces. Rated PG
:idea: The Art of Fighting Without Fighting: I dislike fighting. Rated G
:idea: I am Catman: Loyal like a dog, but indpendant like a cat. Rated G
:idea: Another World: What would I be like if I wasn’t an introvert? Rated PG
:idea: My True Skin: I prefer to sleep clothed. Rated PG
:idea: Marriage in the Modern Age: Is traditional marriage still possible? Rated PG
:idea: It is a Thing You Would Not Understand: Is it valid to refuse to explain something? Rated PG
:idea: Unconditional Conditions: Unconditional love is a fiction. Rated G
:idea: Accepting Praise: Why do we brush off compliments? Rated G
:idea: It’s Show Time: The shy person might be the life of the party. Rated G
:idea: What is a Friend?: We call many different people “friends,” but what is a “friend?” Rated G
:!: :lol: The Combination Lock: How do women work? RATED R – Sexual Concepts
:idea: The Death of a Dream: Dreams are missed, fail or die. But they are always replaced. Rated PG
:idea: The Eye is a Window Into the Soul, or Not.: All I see is an eye. Rated G

Summaries of Posts in the Thoughts Philosophic category:

What Makes You, You?

What makes you, you?Living is difficult, but life itself is amazing. Consciousness is totally miraculous. Your mother had about 400,000 follicles, or potential eggs, that yielded about 480 eggs in her lifetime. Your father produced more than 500 billion sperm cells in his … Read More »

The 8-Bit Blues Full Circle

The 8-Bit Blues Full CircleI got my first computer in the early 1980’s, and began learning how to program. In the mid 80’s I operated a BBS, a Bulletin Board System. The BB Systems of the world at that time were the beginning of … Read More »

Close to the Top

Close to the TopI grow weary of the constant push to win. In this country, perhaps in the world today, there is too much concentration on winning. It invades sports, hobbies, business meetings, politics, tv stars, and just about every aspect of our … Read More »

Thanksgiving is Doomed

Thanksgiving is DoomedI believe that Thanksgiving is doomed. Those twenty-somethings alive today will probably be the last generation to experience anything close to the traditional holiday. A quarter of a century from now, Thanksgiving will still be on the calendar, but like … Read More »

Dishonorable Behavior Too

Georges St. PierreEarlier this year I wrote about my concerns with the depiction of martial arts in modern society in a post called “Dishonorable Behavior.” Those feelings continue to grow. I am not a fan of brutality. That may sound odd coming … Read More »

How Do You Live?

How do you live?Do you see yourself living in a certain style, and work to make that happen, or do you live your life within the place you find yourself? Do you see yourself with the hot car, the hot spouse and the … Read More »

Kicking Them When They are Down

ScroogesI see and hear it quite often, people lambasting the poor for possessing a cell phone or a laptop computer. The sort of social network post or comment that suggests the poor cannot be struggling if they have such things, … Read More »

In the End

Now and LaterIn the end all humans will be able to marry anyone they want. We can start now and get use to it, or do it later. In the end all humans will have affordable access to health care. We can … Read More »

North is to the Left

North is to the LeftI recently saw a clip from “The West Wing” where a group of researchers debated the inherent bias of maps. I had never given the idea much thought. I think very few of us do. We are so use to … Read More »

You Need Pie

You Need PieI recently got into a discussion with a student about pie. I am not talking about the mathematical symbol for an irrational number defining the ratio of a circle to its radius, but good old fashion pie. Besides, math pi … Read More »


GMO LabelingWashington state recently had a referendum on GMO labeling. The referendum lost, largely due to an anti-labeling campaign where large food processing companies like Pepsi, Monsanto, and others spent millions suggesting that labeling would carry a cost burden. There isn’t … Read More »

JobScam 2

JobScam 2As I look for alternate work, I continue to see interesting approaches to job scams. I talked about this a bit on the post, “JobScam.” Where do people look for a job in these modern times? The primary resource is … Read More »


Job ScamSince humans began working together, there have been scams. There have always been scams concerning jobs and employment. However, I believe the depth of employment scams in the modern era have reached new lows. I am not talking about the … Read More »

Boo! It's Change.

Boo!  It's Change.It is Halloween. It is a time of ghosts and goblins, witches and warlocks, and all those scarey things that go bump in the night. But for every vampire somewhere there is a silver bullet. As frightening as the imaginations … Read More »

Jargon Jousting

Jargon JoustingA recent post, “The Perception Paradox,” raised some thoughts on language and our modern era. We live in a highly connected, and yet highly fractured time. Over the centuries, as democracy has flourished, individual freedoms have grown. With these freedoms … Read More »

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