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Web sites need content. Content brings readers. Content brings traffic. Traffic gets your ads seen. Traffic gets your business or other offerings seen. Content requires articulate writers. Sometimes it requires research. Content requires time.

I am offering you web site content for as little as 5 Bucks.

Can I write? Look around this site. Darn tootin’ I can write, and I can with a professional level of inspiration, articulation, and accuracy.

So what is the deal?

  • Syndication Articles: Articles that may be used on many web sites. While it is identical content, there will be no references to other web sites, excluding research references. The content will be tailored to appear to be your own. The same idea used by comic strips in newspapers.
  • Modified Syndication: Articles that are based on a syndicated article, though it is largely modified, either excluding or including some content at your request.
  • Authored: Articles written specifically for your site. You request the topic and define the parameters.
  • Blog Thread Discussion and Moderation: Blogs and social networking frames are the big trends. Blog and social network frames only work if an interesting topic is proposed that engages the public, and if that thread is moderated.


  • Syndicated Articles:
    300 to 500 words: $5.00 per article, $15.00 a month for one weekly article.
    Examples: Movie Reviews, Political Articles, Smaller Life Discussion, Safety Tips.
  • Modified Syndication:
    300 to 500 words: $7.00 per article, $25.00 a month for one weekly modified article.
    Examples: Movie Reviews, Political Articles, Smaller Life Discussion, Safety Tips.
  • Authored:
    This really depends on the material to be recovered.
    If little research is required: 300 to 500 words: $10.00 per article, $40.00 a month for one weekly article. Longer articles will be based on this word count model. Ex. 1000 words would be the base rate times two ($20.00 per article). If the article requires extensive research, we will negotiate a price. Negotiations will be concluded and agreed upon before writing begins.
    Examples: Political Articles, Life Discussion, Safety Tips.
  • Blog Thread Discussion and Moderation:
    We can negotiate this. Clearly this is an ongoing process, though we can set limitations based on either time or thread depth.

Topic Ideas and examples:
Movie Reviews:
Holding a Bachelor’s of Media Arts, and having spent over a decade as an Audio Producer / Engineer designing soundtracks for tv and film, I have an insider’s perspective. Check out my movie reviews here.

Life Issues / Stories:
You may have a specific issue that you want your web site to explore or examine. Let me know what that is, and I am certain I can provide you some valuable content. Again, take a look around the site and you will see what I can do. A Coal Miner’s Daughter (my Mom) Marriage in the Modern Age

Safety Tips:
As an experienced Martial Arts instructor, with more than 40 years of martial arts training, I have a wide range of experience that can be valuable to your readers. Safety Tips

Science / Astronomy:
I am an amateur astronomer. I have a deep fondness in all the sciences, and endeavor to keep up with new discoveries from computer science and artificial intelligence, to physics and trans-humanism. Weird Science

Political / Social Discussion / Rants:
I have my own political views. Don’t we all? But I can debate either side of an argument. If you have a political or social issue you want discussed on your web site, let me know. Note: I will not conduct hate-speech. Oh No. Politics.

If you are interested in receiving some quality web site content, please contact with the form below.

Why don’t I have a click and buy interface?
1. This is a new service and is still in its formative stages.
But more importantly:
2. Web site content is a very specialized, specific consideration. I am sure you want to enter into a discussion about what you will get and how I can tailor it to your needs.

Thank you for your consideration.

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