Weird Science

Here you will find thoughts, musings and ideas of a scientific nature, or discussions around scientific principals.

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:idea: I Helped Start This Mess: So you think all this internet stuff is new? Rated PG
:idea: Ripping Supermassive Black Holes: The Creation of Level I Multiverses Rated G
:idea: Don Quixote: Who you are is based on what is in your head, which may not be real. Rated G
:idea: Looking Through the Telescope Backwards: It is silly to ask if aliens exist. Rated G
:idea: Yin and Yang: A simple demonstration of balance. Rated G

Summeries of Posts in the Weird Science category:

Ooo. Ahh.

Jupiter And Moons 2013 01 18Last night was the first clear night since getting my new mount and new finder scope for my telescope. So of course I carried it to my yard and starting figuring out the new stuff. The mount is awesome. It … Read More »

Fire and Ice

water-ice-deposits-mercuryI do not have a lot I can add to this. I just think it is cool. Ice on Mercury! Wow. It has been speculated for some time but yesterday (11/28/2012) it was announced that the evidence is conclusive. The … Read More »

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