Head Movies

Dreams – not goals, but the movies that play in my head when I sleep. Thank you Ben Stiller (Tropic Thunder). Listed here are stories, poems, and thoughts that came through my dreams.

She was the right person for me… Rated G
Mr. Underhill vs. Mr. Overland: How would I compare to a Hobbit. Rated G
It Happened Again Rated G
I Am Alone: Bitter acceptance. Rated G
I Can’t. I Know. Rated G
The Hole Where the Rain Comes In Rated G
What About the Blind Girl?: Rated G

The Bookkeeper: A Christmas tale. Rated G
Brain Dent: Written in the early 1990’s, peeled out of “The Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Rated G

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Giving, Gifts, and Gratitude

In the short time since my Kickstarter ended, a few people have expressed the desire to give me some money to help in my quest to get my latest novel published. This has left me pleasantly surprised, but also in … Read More »

Book Signing Eventful

On a Sphere's Edge in PaperbackI have just returned from my first official book-signing event. It was quite a thing. If you are thinking throngs of people, with lots of hubbub and noise, think again. It was a sedate and pleasant experience. Fiction Addiction is … Read More »

Another Customer Review

On a Sphere's Edge Paperback Cover TinyOn a Sphere’s Edge received another customer review on Amazon / Audible. Still hitting the 4 star rating. “Very enjoyable in the audio version” By Eric S. Format: Audible Audio Edition “Entertaining and involving story. The characters were well developed … Read More »

Sphere's Edge Book Signing

Love Your Indie Author / Bookstore Celebration! A book signing event at one of the few independent bookstores left in SC. When: Friday, July 3rd. Time: 11:00am to 4:30pm. I will be signing On a Sphere’s Edge from 3:30pm to … Read More »

Promotion Angling

I had some cards produced for my book signing at Fiction Addiction on July 3. It is all part of the promotion game. Indie/Self-publishing is a wonderful thing. It isn’t as new as you might think. L. Frank Baum self-published … Read More »

Back to the Future

Sometimes I feel like Marty McFly, zooming back to things past in order to build a base for the future. Sometimes it feels more like wheel spinning than going. I am in the thick of the audio book production for … Read More »

In Print

On a Sphere’s Edge is now officially in paperback format. I received my author copies today, and so far everything looks good. In the next week or so, the paperback will be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a … Read More »

My Name in Print

I feel like the Jerk, excited about his name in print. However, unlike the Jerk, ecstatic over finding his name in the phone-book, I made this happen. All aspects of On a Sphere’s Edge, the paperback edition, have been approved. … Read More »

Proofing Process

First Cover ProofI am currently in the first of two proofing processes for the paperback version of On a Sphere’s Edge. I am quite pleased with the printer’s work and their proofing methods. I have elected to make some changes to the … Read More »

Proof in the Proof

Outskirts sent a proof for the On a Sphere’s Edge cover. It isn’t exactly what I would want, but given all considerations it isn’t bad. You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger image. I had posted the … Read More »

On the Way to Press

On a Sphere’s Edge has entered the second stage of the printing process. Stage One entailed submitting all related materials to the printer. This involved submission of an author photo, author bio, back cover text, the book’s text, a cover, … Read More »

In the Spotlight

Dante Craddock interviewed me about my books and writing. Not long ago, Dante offered to interview authors and post them on her website / blog. She offered to do this for free. I fully expect she will be overwhelmed before … Read More »

Let's Do It Again

Here’s a chance for you to win the On a Sphere’s Edge Audio Book from Audible.com. A $19.00 Value! Here’s how you do it. Below is an Exclusive Sample of the Audio Book. Listen to it and then answer this … Read More »

Our Guest Tonight

The Masquerade Crew interviews – ME! Here is your chance to learn some of the things you want to know about me, as an author – or something of the things you never wanted to know. CLICK HERE to read … Read More »

On a Sphere's Edge Snippet

On a Sphere's Edge Tiny Cover(From Chapter 2: Moonlighting) Alcohol can be bliss. It takes you to a forgetful land where reality becomes as intangible as drunk. Almost one day ago she had worried that the Sphere may have changed her in some way. She … Read More »

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