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I Miss Training

I have been involved with the martial arts for some time.

I received my brown belt in Okinawan Shorinji Ryu Kempo in 1977. While there was a hiatus for college, marriage, and the birth of my daughter, I made a return to the arts in the late 1990s.

I quickly gained rank in Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu – Bruce Lee’s art, and Wing Chun. I also have a great deal of experience FMA (Filipino Martial Arts / Kali), Muay Thai, CSW (Combat Submission Wrestling) and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

I have been teaching many of these arts and styles for well over a decade. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my teaching position at a local school was removed. With a strong desire to continue my training and teaching, I have moved on to another school, KDA Karate Academy, where I now teach Wing Chun exclusively.

This page is dedicated to the Martial Arts. It is provided here as a tool for my students and any other interested parties.

Greet who enters. Escort who leaves. Fill the void.

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Safety Tips

This Little Piggy

Do you wear shoes or go barefoot when you train?

Here is a fun article on the subject from KDA Wing Chun – This Little Piggy.

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Calm in the Overdrive

It seems more and more people have some training experience, which changes the nature of the random attack. However, violent crime is on the decrease. Calm is needed. Here is an interesting article…
Calm in the Overdrive on KDA Wing Chun.

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Diminishing Returns - A Post from KDA Wing Chun

“JKD is only a license to teach without structure – formless. Wing Chun, when well learned, is a license to be formless.”
— KRM…
This is an interesting article from KDA Wing Chun. Read More…

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Water - A Post on KDA Wing Chun

“Bruce Lee fans know his take on water – it can flow, it can crash, “Be water, my friend”, that whole bit. I do not mean to sound flippant. He is correct. However, there is something more to it. …” From an interesting article on KDA Wing Chun. ...Read More »


A new post on KDA Wing Chun website.

“One thing so important is to relax. Wing Chun was created by a woman, so you need to take your time, relax, and take it easy…”Read More…

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The Law of Conservation of Energy

At times, we have all been in a void, not knowing where to turn. We spend a great deal of time weighing options, trying to make a decision about which path to choose, or to make. These mental gyrations feel necessary. However, they are a waste...Read More »

In Time for the Holidays

Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me

Just in time for the Holidays…
Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me is out now.

This is a nonfiction work – my perspective and perceptions on martial arts in the world today.

Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me e-book

Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me Papberback

The Audio Book has been recorded,...Read More »

What is Wing Chun's Real Lineage?

We know Yip Man’s flowery tale of Yim Wing Chun. We also know it was a promotional story, cobbled together from a few popular tales. White Crane, Tai Chi, and other arts also claim the story of the stork, which he incorporated into his tale. As...Read More »

Pressing Pause

Lately, there have been several articles lamenting the demise of Traditional Martial Arts. While reading one of these, I was struck with a thought.

If we look at all arts and skills, not only those related to Martial Arts, few have truly passed into oblivion. People still sew...Read More »

Learning to Unlearn

Here, at this late stage of life, I have come to realize I have been incorrectly taught at times, and I have improperly learned at others. Most often, we assume we learn incorrectly. We lay the blame on ourselves. However, even our instructors are human, and...Read More »

Luk Dim Boon Gwan – The Six-and-a-half Point Pole

Poles, staves, and cudgels have been used in fighting since before we had languages to define them. Most martial arts incorporate some form of staff training. The most common is the staff, or bo. These are generally five or six feet in length – the sort...Read More »

Cantonese Phrase of the Day - Thank You 2

There are two forms of “Thank you” – informal and formal. This helps you to understand that sounds of the words as well as their use.

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Cantonese Phrase of the Day - Hello, Goodbye

There are all sorts of ways to learn things these days. Here is another way to understand simple greetings in Cantonese…

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Si-Fu Wong Shun Leung - Siu Lim Tau

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Cantonese Phrase of the Day - Thank You

Nei hou.

We learned to say “hello” – or more accurately, “how are you?” Nei hou.
We learned how to say “I’m good.” Ngo hou.
Now we should know how to say “Thank you”.

唔 該 M goi. Note, m goi is can also be “please”, and “excuse...Read More »

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