BlogYinYang began as my personal expression. It has expanded into so much more.
There are many wonderful writings and other individual reflections that may be of interest.
Some of the listed pages have their own menus to related text.

On a Sphere’s Edge:
A Sci-Fi Novel available for purchase HERE.

:!: Note: Some articles and stories may contain adult language or concepts. They will be marked with the :!: alert symbol and should be considered PG-13.

Tales from my life, some deep, some silly. (Has its own menu.)

Head Movies:
The movies that happen in my head when I sleep. (Has its own menu.)

Emergency Exit:
A long true tail of an interesting journey.

Thoughts Philosophic:
Deep thoughts; Marriage, Divorce, Introversion, and more. (Has its own menu.)

Weird Science:
Thoughts, musings, or discussion of scientific nature or principles. (Has its own menu.)

On No! Politics.:
We all have to live with them, might as well discuss them. (Has its own menu.)