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:idea: D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Thoughts and observations of two divorces. Rated PG
:idea: The Art of Fighting Without Fighting: I dislike fighting. Rated G
:idea: I am Catman: Loyal like a dog, but indpendant like a cat. Rated G
:idea: Another World: What would I be like if I wasn’t an introvert? Rated PG
:idea: My True Skin: I prefer to sleep clothed. Rated PG
:idea: Marriage in the Modern Age: Is traditional marriage still possible? Rated PG
:idea: It is a Thing You Would Not Understand: Is it valid to refuse to explain something? Rated PG
:idea: Unconditional Conditions: Unconditional love is a fiction. Rated G
:idea: Accepting Praise: Why do we brush off compliments? Rated G
:idea: It’s Show Time: The shy person might be the life of the party. Rated G
:idea: What is a Friend?: We call many different people “friends,” but what is a “friend?” Rated G
:!: :lol: The Combination Lock: How do women work? RATED R – Sexual Concepts
:idea: The Death of a Dream: Dreams are missed, fail or die. But they are always replaced. Rated PG
:idea: The Eye is a Window Into the Soul, or Not.: All I see is an eye. Rated G

Summaries of Posts in the Thoughts Philosophic category:

Love Trumps All

On Valentine’s Day, honor your significant other, but do not leave out the many other aspects of love. Here are my thoughts – Love Trumps All, as posted on my other site.Read More »

In Time for the Holidays

Astro Boy, Sensei, and MeJust in time for the Holidays… Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me is out now. This is a nonfiction work – my perspective and perceptions on martial arts in the world today. Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me e-book Astro Boy, Sensei, … Read More »

I Will Not Lose Her

When a cataclysmic storm rages between friends, we often look at the relationship itself. What went wrong? I did with her. I examined the relationship. I am sure she did as well. However, I think a deeper part of me … Read More »

Internet Truthiness

We have all heard it. “If it’s on the Internet it must be true”, one of those false positive memes. We know the opposite is the truth. The Internet and social media are rife with trolling, click-baiting, and teenage hijinks. … Read More »

A New Great Generation?

The first month of 2016 was defined by a dreary rain, with songbird after songbird, actor, and star falling. The sad truth is, while there has always been a drizzle, the rain will only grow more steady now. The bulk … Read More »

Wistful Wishes, Wants, and Ifs

The holidays are over. Did one of your wishes come true? Did you get what you want? If you had gotten that one special thing, life would be wonderful, right? Did you make a resolution for the New Year? Will … Read More »

It's All About the Reader

Casting SpellsWritten language systems that allow the reader to approximately recreate the utterance of the writer date back to at least 3200 BC, making writing more than 5000 years old. The writing of numbers is much older. The use of pictographs … Read More »

A Transhumanism Supposition

A Transhumanism SuppositionPROPOSITION #1 Computers will continue to advance in speed and capability. PROPOSITION #2 Computers will advance to the point of obtaining beyond human intelligence and self-awareness – consciousness. PROPOSITION #3 Computing technology will continue to miniaturize and add bandwidth into … Read More »

The NFL will Never Feel the Loss

NFL will Never Feel the LossSo we have this new (old) kafuffle with NFL players and the organization itself. Here’s a quick, short prediction; in a year or ten, nothing will change. The players are new. The allegations are new. The situation is old. Some … Read More »

Calling Orson

Calling OrsonSometimes my brain rambles. I have been thinking about this recent shooting of young Mike Brown in St. Louis and the rioting that followed. Rodney King revisits us in 2014. I think about Trayvon Martin. I think about Eric Garner … Read More »

Glorifying the Military

Gloryifing the MilitaryI wrote this several weeks ago, but elected to set it aside as Memorial Day had been on the horizon. But with Iraq falling apart and whispers of military intrusion rising, I felt it should be said. Let me start … Read More »

3D Me

3D MeA friend at the school, Damon, and I got into a brief discussion about 3D movies. 3D movies and film grow out of stereoscopic photography. Two images with slightly different parallaxes (angles of view) are presented to the viewer, often … Read More »

Transient Value

Transient ValueI resisted Facebook for a long time. I joined in a few years ago more out of a need to keep connected with students and other individuals, people who refuse to use email for some odd reason. They have no … Read More »

Cramming It In

Cramming It InIn a recent podcast I lamented some difficulties with modern martial art training. (See Podcast 5 – History’s Synergies and a follow-up post, After Thoughts.) A particular concern for me is the concept of regular, scheduled testing. Testing and benchmarks … Read More »

The Greater Result Podcast #6 - AI Haters

AI HatersOur culture, indeed the world’s culture, is ripe with Artificial Intelligence dystopian fantasies. Where do these feelings and stories come from? Simply put, the feeling that artificial intelligence will destroy humanity rises out of our fear of change and the … Read More »

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